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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello there!  Today has been such a wonderful day that I knew I just had to share a bit of it with all of you.  As you might know I have been working like a busy elf for the past two seriously working..non stop..10-12 hours a day creating, taking pictures, typing up descriptions of all of the new items as well as taking care of my family and in between trying to get myself motivated to keep working out. (only worked out 2 days last week, but it's better than 0 days right?  *evil grin*)

After all the creating I have been filling orders and getting ready for the holidays..anyhow.  I was feeling just a tad bit bummed cuz I just wasn't getting the views to my Etsy I decided to work with team members..I apologize-but when I was working I just couldn't squeeze in time for Treasuries..geesh..I sure am rambling.  Anyhow I have been working like a busy bee creating treasuries and am really trying to work on being a team player.

Today I have been featured in 7 treasuries!  WOW!  While some may think this is not a big IS!  It takes lots of time, creativity and effort to put a Treasury together.  Someone thought of me...lil ol me 7 times!  I am over the moon happy and but most importantly Thankful.  Thankful for my fellow Etsians-I am not sure if I can express just how grateful and thankful I really am. 

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Here are the links if you could please hop on over to check them out..we all would be so appreciative.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Before the holidays begin ....hello

Hello there!  Seems so very long since I have last posted. 

First things first..I am officially finished with my seasonal job.  Woohoooo!  It sure was a tough season. Now the real fun can begin.

I have so much to share.  My craft studio has been busy with holiday preparations.  I love Christmas!  Not for the gifts but the time spent with family and friends.  Isn't it just the best to sit and chat and reconnect?  I feel like life is always so busy that I really must make it priority to just BREATHE. 

Here are a few goodies that I have been working on.
 I actually had a customer try to take a bite of my Gingerbread Soap..soo funny!

I just love glitter!  Sparkly goodies make me smile.  I can remember when I was a preschool teacher, the children loved glitter!  It just makes whatever you are making more special.   What is your favorite holiday?