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Monday, December 3, 2012


Hello hello!  Now where have I been?  Why...still working like a little elf.  The orders keep coming in...woohoo!  I really am excited about all of them.  Creating soapy goodies and sharing them is just so awesome.  And of course candles are fun too. craft studio was starting to show major signs of couldn't find what I was looking for disorganization.  Last week I spent over three hours hunting down supplies, packaging up 3 orders and still felt like I was spinning my wheels. 

This weekend with the help of my dearest hubby..we re-arranged.  Now for some, arranging a room is fun and exciting.  For me..well I'm a creature of habit..once I re-arrange I always change it back to it's original setting..just can't get used to it.

 My craft studio has been hit with the organizing bug!

Here is my work's a little messy but I'm working (what an excuse huh?)  ..putting together orders, ordering supplies, and chatting with friends on the Ville. 
 Here's what I call my "waiting room"  haaa (doesn't that sound so professional?)  it's where I can now sit and work on crochet orders..see the scarf's all one to bother it.  :-)
 This is my favorite Packaging Station..I can now package up orders in one love it!  My dear friend Rose was going to toss this shelving unit, but I knew I would find a good home for it. 
 This is where all the magic happens.  I have my soap/candle melters and a small microwave to melt, and reheat my cuppa coffee when necessary.  I haven't arranged the cupboards holds yarn and the other soapy/candle supplies. 

 What do you think?  I also finished a BIG order.   160 Ollie's!  woohooo!  I was excited to create them and had quite a marathon going...soaping every hour for about 3 days.  I am happy to say, they were packaged and dropped off at the post office this morning.

All this work has rendered me exhausted...seriously need a nap but instead I shall crochet.  Until we chat again.  hugs!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello there!  Today has been such a wonderful day that I knew I just had to share a bit of it with all of you.  As you might know I have been working like a busy elf for the past two seriously working..non stop..10-12 hours a day creating, taking pictures, typing up descriptions of all of the new items as well as taking care of my family and in between trying to get myself motivated to keep working out. (only worked out 2 days last week, but it's better than 0 days right?  *evil grin*)

After all the creating I have been filling orders and getting ready for the holidays..anyhow.  I was feeling just a tad bit bummed cuz I just wasn't getting the views to my Etsy I decided to work with team members..I apologize-but when I was working I just couldn't squeeze in time for Treasuries..geesh..I sure am rambling.  Anyhow I have been working like a busy bee creating treasuries and am really trying to work on being a team player.

Today I have been featured in 7 treasuries!  WOW!  While some may think this is not a big IS!  It takes lots of time, creativity and effort to put a Treasury together.  Someone thought of me...lil ol me 7 times!  I am over the moon happy and but most importantly Thankful.  Thankful for my fellow Etsians-I am not sure if I can express just how grateful and thankful I really am. 

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Here are the links if you could please hop on over to check them out..we all would be so appreciative.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Before the holidays begin ....hello

Hello there!  Seems so very long since I have last posted. 

First things first..I am officially finished with my seasonal job.  Woohoooo!  It sure was a tough season. Now the real fun can begin.

I have so much to share.  My craft studio has been busy with holiday preparations.  I love Christmas!  Not for the gifts but the time spent with family and friends.  Isn't it just the best to sit and chat and reconnect?  I feel like life is always so busy that I really must make it priority to just BREATHE. 

Here are a few goodies that I have been working on.
 I actually had a customer try to take a bite of my Gingerbread Soap..soo funny!

I just love glitter!  Sparkly goodies make me smile.  I can remember when I was a preschool teacher, the children loved glitter!  It just makes whatever you are making more special.   What is your favorite holiday?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall is here!

Hello there! My Oh My!  I sure have been gone for awhile.   Life has a way of keeping me super busy.  My seasonal job is about to end and I am over the moon excited.  Not that I don't love it, but I really miss blogging, working on my Etsy shop and creating goodies for all of you in a more relaxed manner.

I have been working all weekend in between cleaning and organizing, and packing up orders.  Here are a few of the new goodies that I have created:
While whipping up this yummy lotion bar, I kept singing to myself..."you put the lime in the coconut..."  So funny, my family was getting a kick out of my silliness.
 Back by popular demand, the Pomegranate Solid Perfume Stick-I was down to just one, now we have plenty to share.  B-)
 Ohh laaa laaa..I have 16 new lip balm flavors..another favorite among many..can't wait to play and create more.
 As I was walking out my front door on my way to work this last week, I looked up and saw the most beautiful sunrise.  Had  to take a picture to share with all of you.  We live out in the country, pretty vacant out here, but the views are amazing. 
I will be creating more and more as I prepare for the winter craft sales, but will also have more time to pop in.  Hugs n squishes!

Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labor Day my friends!  Sure has been a laborious weekend here at our house.  Grateful for the time off, but busy re-arranging furniture, and creating.  Finally caught up my etsy shop...woohooo!  This has been no easy task :-)  Here are a few goodies that I whipped up this week.

Fall Soy Tarts are here!  Apple Pie, Apple Jack, Pumpkin Patch, Cinnamon Bun, Windsong Balsam Pine and Berries and Branches...think I have a few more..can't wait to whip them up!

 new soapy fragrances too.  French Vanilla Pear..reminds me of those crisp fall days.
 Little bath soapies for Halloween, have skulls too  check them out here
and last but not least, JOLLY JOLLY Rancher glycerin soaps..the colored chunks are individually fragranced too.  What's not to love?

what will I come up with next?  stay tune.  hugs!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

where oh where did summer go?

It seems like the days are flying by, like at a breathtaking speed.  But I am still trying to carve our a bit of time for my hobbies and business.  This weekend I am taking time to just breathe and work on my shop as well. A few weeks ago we went on a teeny tiny vacation..oh what fun!  We drove up to Cheyenne Wyoming for their festivities...what a blast!  While we were there, we were able to attend a concert...JOURNEY!  Can I say, I am a huge fan!  Anyone else out there?  I loved the 80' wish I could rock the ratted "Do"  Ok back to crafting...I have a few goodies that I have been working's a pic of my handsome son and yours truly, I just love this young man!  He makes me so proud.!  :-)))

 What do you think of my Neapolitan fragranced soapies?  I really do want to take a bite :-)

And last but not least, a new fragrance for my sugar scrub line..this Pink Berry Mimosa is sweet with strawberry notes and a bit of mimosa for that extra special fizzy smell.  I so want to taste it! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

now where has the time gone?

Oh my gosh!  I can't believe that it has been about a month since I last posted.  Where oh where did the time go?  Last weekend I attended a Fiber Festival and had a booth set up as well.  It was so neat to see all of the hand spun fibers and folks.  Nicest people ever.

I have been working on a few goodies, mostly soapy are a few pics.  These strawberry shaped soaps are soo yummy!  They smell like the freshest picked strawberry..oohh laa laaa must add them to my etsy shop.

 These popsicle soaps sold!  They were fragranced with mixed berry and sweet juicy lemon..really tasty.  :-)
 And of course I had to make lots of oatmeal luffa soaps..Pearberry to be exact...sweet and yet tary..mmmm mmmm delish!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Sunnnnnddddaaaayyy!

Well Hello hello!

Been awhile but I am finally getting into the routine of working, family and small business.  We have had one of the best weekends.  Yesterday we spent the morning tidying up..afraid to say but my bedroom was the worst.  Happy to share that it is all nice and organized..whew!  We also took our children swimming.  What joy!  They really are so very sweet, love love love spending time with them.  It was fantastic to splish splash in the worries, no phone calls, no interruptions.  It made me realize that I really need to refocus on my sure has taken precedence over everything.  I really am going to make it a point to remember that work is work but family is well my Number 1 priority.  Thankfully I have the most amazing kiddos..they are so understanding and helpful as well as the hubby.

Now onto other fun things...remember I had shared that I had lost my camera?  Someone turned it in!  woohooo!  The hospital mailed it to chip and all.  What a relief!  here are a few pics of the last soapy goodies that I created. 

Working on adding them to my shop as we speak. They can be found here  Also have four new Body Sprtiz's in new fragrances..will share those just as soon as I take pics. 

Back to creating, have a great Sunday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Saturday!

Top of the morning!  I have been a busy little bee.  Working on baby ghans to be exact.  I finished the pink one that I had showed awhile back.  However I lost my camera at the hospital where my sister had the babies. :-(  soo sad.  I wasn't as concerned about the camera even though it was fairly new...but the pictures.  I had about 600 of vacations, Choir Concerts, reunions, weddings, outings with my family..Hoping and praying that someone will turn it in.

But onto another note, I have been working on baby ghans feverishly while I have been training.  The pink ghan went to a baby girl that was born with Spina Bifida and other health related issues.  My heart goes out to her parents and family.  May they find strength and courage. 

Above it the last picture I had, I believe I was working on the border. 
Here is another one that I whipped up this last week for an order..reminds me of sherbet..mmmm delicious and oh so soft and cuddly.

I am infatuated with this pattern and have started another baby ghan..they are wonderful to have in my stash as someone is always needing a gift or having a new arrival.  I have one blue ghan as well. Trying to prepare for the winter craft bazaars as they will be here before I know it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Babies Babies!

Now where have I been now?  I bet you were wondering...well..I was greeting my new twin baby nieces!   They were born this Saturday June 16th and ohh soo precious and beautiful and lovely and just teeny tiny.  I fell instantly in love!  I begged, pleaded and cried,..I just wanted to bring them home with me.  But guess I will have to settle for being FAVORITE Auntie Lee.  Without further is a wonderful picture of them all dressed up for the ride home.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birthday Sunday

Gooda evening friends!Been so busy that I can hardly breathe  but am slowly trying to remind myself to take a few minutes here and there to just relax.  With that being said, I have been trying to stockpile.  I am attending a sale this next weekend and want to make sure that I have lots of goodies.  Did finish the baby ghan this last week..Will post a pic of it tomorrow.  Here is what I worked on last weekend, listed them in my shop then replaced as they sold.  Aren't they just the cutest?  The soaps are glycerin with a bit of palm oil for softness...too sweet! Blueberry Pie, Cherrylicious, and Tangtastic...woohooo! 

Today is also my birthday-had a FantaStic Day with my family, I feel so loved, spoiled and grateful.  What a day!  Lunch, shopping, soaping, hanging out to get myself ready for Monday.  hugs n squishes!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello hello!

Today is Sunday!  My ultimate favorite day of the week.  Time to get crackin on new projects, pack up the old and get ready for the week.

Last week was my first official week back to work..I work a seasonal job (about 6 months out of the year) it will definitely take time to get back into the swing of things but I am sure that I can do it?

I have a few soapy ideas floating around in my head, as soon as the family gets up and out of bed I will get to working.

Last week a friend of mine gave me a fantastic book called .  illy  can I just say that I am fascinated by this lil book?  Lots of yummy recipes for coffee any time of the day or night.  Oh my!  I can't wait to play!  Will let you know what coffee recipe I fall in love with.

Doesn't it just look delicious!  The Tarimisu coffee sounds decadent!  MMM MMMM  I am super happy.

What you may ask is in the background?  A new baby girl afghan that is in the works.  The pattern and tutorial can be found here  Thank you to my wonderful friends at Crochetville.  They inspire me to create time for a hobby that I so enjoy.

This is my new crochet hook..I love love love it!  I had it custom made from a wonderful lady on Etsy.  The thumbprint gives me sores, she was able to put the polymer clay over the entire thumb part.  Oh what a joy it is to use!  Here's her  shop  in case you want to check out her goodies, I so adore her.  Thank you Linda.

off for a bit of hook time.  Hugs n squishes!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

new ideas

hello there!  Now where have I gone to?  Well...I have had a busy two weeks.  After the Anniversary last weekend, I had a business training for 4 days!!!  Finally made it home this last Thursday, since then I have been busy crafting up a storm.  Here are a few pics of the new goodies that I have made.

 New bubble baths

                          Hello Kitty Glycerin Soaps..aren't they just the cutest?

 New Frosted Cranberry Lip Balms...ohh they smell delicious and work wonderfully!  Ripe cranberries with a hint of love love

 Decided to try my hand at Body Spritzers..can I just say?  I adore this fragrance!  Sun & Sand..reminds me of a day on the beach (not that I have ever been to the beach, but we do have the Great Sand Dunes near our house, this counts right?)  And the spritz feel so soft and delicious on your skin.

 And last but not new favorite Luscious Sugar Scrub..a delicate blend of Mango, Strawberries, Grapefruit, Freesia, Amber and Tonka Bean...soo many new little time.  Bathing has never been so much fun!

Most of my goodies have made it to my etsy shop or will tomorrow..they can be found here

Friday, May 18, 2012

My journey into Desert Making

Hello there my friends!  Happy Friday to all of you!  This weekend my in-laws are renewing their wedding vows.  They are doing it a bit early..but they wanted to be able to plan it the way they wanted and share it with all of us while they still can.  I am honored that they would let me do a bit of baking for their big event. onto the nitty gritty details.  First I must say, I do NOT like baking..just not my thing.  But alas..I decided to try a new recipe..Pecan Pumpkin doesn't the title just  sound delicious?  Like jaw dropping yummy!  I must confess..I love and I mean LOVe pecans. brother in law has made this desert and claims it is fantastic.  Who am I to disagree?  He is a fantastic cook! And baker and has a green thumb too!  Boy my sister is such a lucky lady.  Anyhow, started baking at 10 this morning.. See here's a pic of me all smiles 

Now where was I?  Oh yes!  I started crushing graham crackers first then moved on to the tart itself.   Here they are in the oven..I was standing nearby hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that they would rise and come out correctly..cuz..I forgot to add the butter to the before I put them in the oven..had to scoop the top layer out and mix in the butter..this was tricky because the bottom layer has chopped becans, butter and the graham crackers...oh my!

lookie!  They came out! Oh happy dance!  Really..I was jumping for while they were cooling I started the next desert..a graham cracker, cherry, vanilla pudding, cool whip kind of thing.  No exactly prize winning in appearance but I think "it will eat".

So...after the tarts had cooled, I whipped up the the recipe says to only frost the sides..guess who forgot? 
The frosting sure tastes you can see..I am a bit messy..the frosting is on the sides and dripping is in the fridge setting..please oh please taste any of you every have this worry?

Three hours later I am done!  Dishes done, trash taken out and kitchen cleaned up..whew!  What a morning.  Thank you to my dear son (he helped with dishes and trash) also sorry really didn't mean to let out a few choice words..baking is just  not  my THING.  until we meet again friends..I will keep you all posted on the tasting.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

4th Of July Bar Soaps

Hello hello!
Finally had a chance to cut the big 4th Of July loaf into bars..yippeee!  I love love love how they turned out..and boy oh boy do they smell good!  They smell just like a delicious Jolly Rancher-a fantastic summery blend of  Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach and Vanilla.  It just Screams summer, don't ya think?  Before I get carried away with the's a few pics.

And of course you can purchase them here the little bit of glitter just makes me ohh so happy.  Now on to SOAP I go.  hugs!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hi there!

Finally had a minute to list the CHILL PILL soaps on etsy.  You can find them here wohoohoo!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday

Top of the Morning friends!

How was your Mother's Day weekend?  I hope that it was filled with happiness, good company and the best of times.

I had the most amazing weekend! where to appointments...I know....I know...that is soo UNLIKE me.  But it was fantastic!  My family really is the best!  My weekend was spent crafting, soaping  and best of all chatting it up with my kiddos and hubby.  We really enjoyed each others company.  Now we are refreshed to start another busy week.

What do you say, did I create?  well..I have a few lovely soaps that I started creating on Friday and then more of them on Saturday.  Ever need a Chill Pill? you go!

These soapies have a lil story.  My hubby works in a pharmacy.these were actually his idea.  He found the molds and asked me to create them.  He was a bit specific regarding colors but so far, he likes them.  I sold a set fresh out of the mold..guess I had better get more whipped up.  They haven't made it to my etsy shop..but they will.  I have another set made up but need at least 4 more sets to call it good.

Also started on 4th Of July Soaps!  My wonderful son came up with the scents.  (thank you Cristopher) Red-Wild Strawberry White-Island Coconut and Blue-Blueberry..I have to tell ya..the overall fragrance is Delicious!  I really would love to take a bite of these soaps..oh my...sooo yummy!

oh and have a soap loaf that I need to take pics of to share..will get to that sometime this week. Off to start my daily chores.  hugs n squishes my dearest friends!