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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Tip top of the morning friends!
I have re-arranged almost everything here at the was a lot of work but so worth it.

Shall we go on a tour of my lil shop.... the first picture is the Candle and Body Area..lots of lovely body sprays have made their way into the shop..Strawberry, Sugar Cookie, Champagne...a little bit of something for everyone.   Don't forget the All Natural Deodorant on the top is newly stocked with new Fragrances *Green Aloe & Clover, Midnight Woods)

Onward to Candle & Tart Heaven..the brown shelf was made out of Beetle Kill Wood and has lots of details.  Each leg was hand carved with such attention to! 

The turquoise boxes that the Sugar Scrubs & Body Butter Displays are sitting on were made by the hubby..I had to give them a punch of color.whatcha think?  Why yes..turquoise it was.  Such a happy color.  

 On to my next favorite display.  My father in-law custom built this white shelf..he's such a handy man..he really can build/make/create ANYTHING.  Whenever I need something, he's my go to man. The soapies are right next to it..they have a shelf of their own..they were screaming to have their own Stage.  :-)  Do you see my lil yarn bombed lamp shade?  I do LOVE it!  I have been asked if I would sell it..I should..really I should..but I just cAn''s personal.  All of my products are so personal but my shelving units and some of my display pieces..why they are a part of me.  Each piece was hand selected, I always go back and forth..lots of serious decision making..I am fairly impulsive..but really take a moment to appreciate each display.  See the little wooden mushroom on the bottom?  My sweet daughter and hubby made that for my Grand Opening...the top turns..pretty nifty I tell ya.

Now we shall move on to the newest glass shelf..I came across this lil shelf last begged to come live at the shop with me..but..the hubby broke the bottom glass when he was placing it on the floor and I broke the side glass trying to move it..waaa..he was able to replace both glass pieces..I am happy to say that the shelf is now stocked with my Cowboy Themed Soaps.  The brown unit belonged to my in-laws.  They had it in storage and were kind enough to give it to me.  It houses all of my gardening goodies as well as laundry detergent and small signs.

This next cupboard and spinning display holds SOME of the yarn that is for sale here..yes my friends!  The shelves spin..what fun!  You can give it a push and see what colors find their way to you.  I just adore the cupboard..I had been keeping an eye on it..until it finally became mine! 

Last but not least.. the wine rack filled with delicious Yarn..I painted the boxes yellow and arranged the last of the yarn in neat rows..I love walking by and squishing the yarn..have you ever tried that?  No?? why you should!  It feels so soft and cuddly.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, please do stop in and have a visit..I love chatting and making new friends.

511 Main Street Suite # 1
Alamosa, CO

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School

Hello and Welcome to the beginning of another school year!  In most areas, school has already begun, here in our neck of the woods it is starting later this week.  On a FRIDAY!  What?  I know..sounds strange but this is the second year that our kiddos begin on a Friday.  Totally wrong in my eyes but alas..who am I to judge?

With the thought of summer shopping and school supplies I decided to make my very first Back To School Soapies..what fun!  The ideas just flooded in..more and more new soapies are always on the horizon.  I do LoVe creating. 
These cute pink erasers took me back to my writing days..being a lefty I would always smudge my paper as I was writing.  After I was all finished with my work, a few swipes with these handy dandy erasers always made my work more legible.  Do any of you suffer from messy handwriting?  Any lefties out there?
 I was seriously so very happy with these Chalkboard Eraser Soaps..oh my gosh!  Just had to toss in a few sticks of chalk.  Do teacher use chalkboards anymore?  Or are they all moving on towards Dry Erase Markers? 
And these lil book soaps?  These were so much fun to create, they smell like Green Apples..super duper yummy and oh so functional. 
What do you think of my Back to School Corner?  Fall is right around the Fall Soaps will be arriving soon.  All my soaps goodies can be found here