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Friday, April 28, 2017

Basket Making

Good afternoon Folks!

How ya all doing?  Has Spring Sprung in your neck of the woods?  The days are getting longer and warmer but I wouldn't say that we are in full Spring Mode.  I am not sure that we really have a Spring  here in Colorful Colorado.

Before I get started I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you that voted for my little shop.  I had participated in an Etsy competition, sadly I did not win but I feel as if I am a champion anyway.  Without all of my wonderful customers, family and friends I would be lost.  You all encourage me in so many ways, THANK YOU!

With Mother's Day and Gradation right around the corner, I thought now is the perfect time to whip up Gift Baskets.  They are so much fun to put together.  I have noticed that while some folks like a combination of products with several fragrances, folks usually prefer a Gift Set with one favorite fragrance.

With that thought in  mind, I went to work...taking notes, planning, mixing, making, labeling and lastly packaging.

Here are a few of the newest Gift Sets.

Top Left Hand Gift Basket-Abalone & Sea-A fresh ocean scent with notes of daylily, sea spray, watery florals and musk.  This is by far one of my personal favorite ocean fragrances, it has a freshness about it that is super neat.

The Top Right Hand Gift Set is fragranced with my Beautiful-Feminine nuances of orchid, jasmine, pink rose and musk.  Extremely flroal, if you love the smell of fresh flowers this is the way to go!

Bottom Left Hand Gift Set-Can Can-imagine hintsof Apple Peel, Jasmine, Violet and Lily balanced out with woodland fern and hints of berry. This is a complicated fragrance to describe I would say it smells a bit fruity and powedery at the same time.  

Bottom Right Hand Gift Set-Black Brambleberry Tea-Fragrance blackberries and autumn fruits blend perfecty with southern sweet tea and a touch of cinnamon brown sugar.  Oh my!  Another one of my personal fav's.  I get hooked on certain scents, they just make me happy.  Ever have that happen?

I have Custom Graduation Soapies that are sitting in the molds as we speak, can't wait to share them all with you.  Until then, may you have a Spring in Your Step.  

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Etsy Happenings...

Tip top of the morning to you!

How are you all doing?  I hope fantastic! I have been up since the wee hours of the morning, working on custom orders, making lists and planning.

So much is happening in my little world that I feel like I am on a Merry Go Round, exhilirating and exciting.

Where oh where to start?  Last year I partnered with my local Small Business Development Center to coach/teach an Etsy Entrepreneurship Program.  I had a wonderful time sharing my knowledge.  I have been asked to teach another session...sqqqueeee! How exciting is that?  I love love love Etsy, selling on Etsy has allowed me to reach folks across the USA and into other countries.  Every order gives me a jolt of energy.  I am humbled and grateful to all of my customers both online and in my store front.  Without all of you, none of this would be possible. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

Here is a bit of info, if you would like to sign up here is the direct link:

On to my next bit of news.  Etsy is hosting a Small Business Contest.  The shop with the most votes wins a $10,000 prize to help scale their business.  I would be honored and so appreciative if you would click on the link and vote.  Oh my, winning would be like the cherry on top of the cake!  The supplies that I could buy, the promoting that I could do...the possibilities are endless.  If you woudn't mind sharing on your Social Media platforms, I would be so gateful.

Stay tuned for NEW Spring Soaps..they are setting up as we speak.  Until next time, have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Fizzle Fizzle Pop!

Greetings!  How are you all doing?  Here in my neck of the woods, Windy March comes to mind.  While it has been super duper windy outdoors I have been staying nice and toasty in my Craft Studio whipping up lots and I mean LOTS of New Bath Fizzies!

Awhile back I purchased a Bath Fizzy Press.  Aside from my upright kitchen aide mixers and my melting pots, I usually do everything else by hand.  However this new machine compresses the bath fizzies with 100 pounds of force!  What exactly does that mean?  It means that I can make the most dense, most awesome bath fizzies.

Bath fizzies for me have always been somewhat of a challenge.  I knew that I had a few requirements of a bath fizz.

# 1.  The Fizzies need to fizzle but not so fast that the process isn't enjoyable.  That is one of the best parts of using a fizzy, watching it fizz and pop.

# 2.  Fragrance/Essential oils need to be released without clumping or being too dry.

#3.  As you soak, your skin should feel hydrated, soft and silky.

#4.  Color needs to come into play as I know most of my customers LOVE color, however the colorants need to be non-bleeding and non staining.

#5.  Rose petals and other dried flowers could be embedded as well with ease.

With all of those requirements in mind, I started experimenting.  I tried different oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil and  Apricot Oil.  While I found all of these oils to be fabulous, the 2 oils that stood out the most were the Sweet Almond Oil and the Apricot Kernel Oil.  They provided just enough moisture, combining those oils with Shea Butter ensures that the bath fizzy would be super hydrating without feeling too oily.

I shall stop myself from going on and on, and show you the NEW and WONDERFUL bath fizzes!

I have two sets of blue fizzies in stock, Blueberry and Calming Water.  My family picked their favorite fragrances and I went to work.

Ohh the is so yummy and just sweet enough without being overwhelming.  

Purple purple purple..and Bramble Berry Tea...a new favorite fragrance of mine.

And of course PINK..Pink Musk to be exact..I just can NOT not make something without pink.  :-)  

These little lovelies have Rose Petals and are fragranced with my Lovely also known as Love pretty and they feel so decadent.

I ordered different molds with the press...shall we have a looksie

Cupcakes!  I can now make two different sized cupcakes,...wooooaaaaaa?  Say WHAT?  I know, right?  Isn't that just awesomeness?  These large cupcakes are Pina Colada, sweet coconut, juicy pineapple and a hit of lime..did someone say 5 o'clock?  

I was jumping at the chance to use all of the mods, the next ones are TABS..smaller fizzies with all of the same components but with a different look.  Perfec to use with the foot soak tubs, or even at the spa.  

 My husband came up with the idea of Sweetie Tart Bath Fizzies..I ran with it!  Well as fast as my little legs could take me.  *grin*  This fabulous set has 4 different fragrances:  Cherry, Banana, Watermelon and Grape Soda..yummy!

What are you working on?  As always if you would like to purchase any of the bath fizzies, you can shop on line here or pop in and buy them in person.  Until next time, hang on tight...Spring is on it's way!

Friday, February 17, 2017

hmmmmm...New Adventures Await

Hello hello!
How's it going?  Keeping busy?  In my little world I have been busy creating, the "Yyyyuuuzzzz" aka "Usual" Lots and I mean LOTS of soaps have been floating out of the studio.  I would think that after so many  years of soap making that I would grow tired of it, but I think the more that I create the more that I LOVE it!  It seems like my little soap knowledge just keeps growing as does my list of soaps that I want to make.

I had a request for Tie Dyed who am I to say no?  I was so excited to give it a whirl as I had tried one other time..unsucessful I might add.  After much research and the perfect mold..6 trial flowers later I finally DID it!

These sweet Flower Power Soaps are just soo RAD!  What I like about them most is that once you pour in the soap, you have no idea how the colors will mix and melt into each other.  As the soaps set, the colors will continue blending.  Isn't that awesome?  It was a bit of a gamble, as I like knowing the results.  I am slowly learning to let go and just see what happens.

Since I felt like the flowers were so successful, I had remembered that I had the most darling VW Bug molds just waiting patiently to be used.  I re-did the tye-dying procedure and added a touch of my Breeze Fragrace Oil..isn't that fitting?  They look like they are floating in the breeze..cuteness overload I tell ya!

 Back to loafing...Oh my gosh! I am having so much fun creating new loaves of soap.  Every day I think of a new fragrance/essential oil that I want to use and then I start thinking of the deisgn.

Purple is one of my favorite colors, it inspired the Newest Blackberry Bramble Tea Goats Milk Soap.  I packed this loaf with as many goodies as I possibly could!  I used dried "Bath Tea" for some of the layers, and then topped it all off with mini blackberries, oh my gosh!  I love love love the fragrance!  DId I tell you that I love purple?  Remind me to share my "Purple Sweater Story"

This darling loaf batch was another fun concept.  The fragrance is called "A Mother's Love" doesn't this just remind you of your mom?  Delicate, flowery with a hint of pink and a burst of gold.  

I have 2 new loaves that are ready to photograph, and NEW Bath Fizzies..Yes folks!  My Bath Bomb Press has arrived, whipped up SEVEN yes seven new batches of never before seen/smelled fizzies.  Stay tuned for more photo's and update.  

Have a Fantastic Friday!  

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Think PINK!

Good MORNING!  How's it going?  Here in my neck of the woods, I have been creating all things PINK!  Pink is such a lovely color, not all folks like it, but I personally LOVE it!  

Keeping the Day of Love aka Valentine's Day in mind I have started early this year.  Whipping up new products that is.  *grin*  My newest Lovely Pink Glycerin Heart Soaps are sweet!  I think they would be great for any tme of year.  

I had an idea to make a loaf of Valentine Fun Soap.  You may be asking yourself what is a loaf?  What is the difference between a loaf and my regular bars of soap?  The loaves contain 44 ounces of soap.  Loaf making is usually the way to go when making large batches.

Let me tell ya, it was a bit of a process.  However I am happy to say that the end results made it all so worthwhile.  I started by creating columns of hearts.   I have had the kniffty columns for over a year.  I poured each heart into the column molds then let them set, then it was time to layer and insert the columns.  It is always a bit of a rush as you never know if the columns will move during the setting up process.  I was so relieved to see that the hearts stayed put..whew!  Did I tell you that these heart soaps smell divine?  The fragrance oil that I used is called Berried Treasure, thought it was fitting for these soapies.  

Butterflies oh butterfly!  These little darlings are fragranced with my Cotton Candy, I also added a touch of iridescent glitter.  Who doesn't love sparkle?  In my humble opinion, GLITTER makes everything better!

Oh my gosh!  These Bath Fizzy Cupcakes were so much fun to make and bit of a nail biting experience.  I had been researching and planning to make these for about 3  months.  The bottom part of the cupcakes are fragranced with my Strawberry Shortcake.  These were made over a week span.  The cake had to set up before the frosting could be piped on.  The frosting was a bit tricky as I wasn't expecting it to set up so quickly.  I was squeezing the frosting out of the piping bag just as fast as I could, I was racing to get all of the cupcakes frosted.  B-)

The frosting is fragranced with one of  my personal favorites-Strawberry not jut a regular Strawberry but a Knock Your Socks of Berry!  Reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake, the cartoon.  I have a fascination with her, she's pink and smells good. and jsut so cute!  My daughter still has my Strawberry Shortcake curtains that I had as a child.  

They just look so happy and ready to eat...errr...I mean toss in your bathtub.  *grin*

The Sugar Scrub Hearts are also NEW!  I tell ya, I have been on a roll!  The adorable hearts are decadent and so easy to use. Just grab a heart, wet it a bit smoosh it in your hands, wash your body.  Is smoosh a word?  Not sure but I'm going with it.  The Shea Butter and the Glycerin soap combined with the sugar blend perfectly to create a luxurious spa soap. Before I forget, these are fragranced with my Pink Berry Mimosa...oh so sweet, yet sophisticated!

All of these lovely items can be found here or in my store front.  Back to work I go, have a Terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Craft Studio Make-Over

Good afternoon my friends!

January can be such a long month.  For me, it is filled with "To Do" lists that are aimed at keeping me on track for the entire year. 

Last weekend it snowed off and on, since I was home I thought I might as well make the most of my time away from the shop and give my Studio a good cleaning.  You would think that I love cleaning huh?  Actually it doesn't really bother me, I do feel so much better when things are in their rightful spot.  My little heart really does crave organization.  In owning my own business where things often change from day to day, organizing keeps me grounded.  

  Some folks can work in a state of chaos, while I have been know to do that, truthfully it does stress me out a bit. It leaves me feeling frazzled when I can not find what I am looking for.   My studio is one of my favorite places to be, I am grateful for the breathtaking scenery.  I like to sip my coffee while gazing out.  

This sweet little corner holds all of my curling ribbon, recipe binders, cardstock and some of my molds and containers.  I also store my extra knitting needles here.  Do you see the little plastic sword on top of the sewing table?  Don't tell anyone but sometimes I swish it in the air and pretend that I am in a sword fight..*grin*

 When my husband built my Craft Studio, I bet he had no idea what he was getting into!  A couple of years ago, I had him install the double sinks and counter top.  I must say..this makes my life so much easier!  All of my molds are organized by holiday and have a label on the front of each box.  With over 100 molds to choose from, I can get a bit distracted when trying to decide on what to make.

I bet you are asking yourself,  "why does she use postal boxes?"  A few years ago I placed an order online for Medium Flat Rate Boxes, little did I know that I had ordered 25 cases of boxes! I had thought I was ordering 25 boxes...can you imagine how surprised I was so see the boxes and boxes of boxes?  Can you say that three times fast?  hehe
I have been using them for years to ship out packages and have given as many as I could away.  However they are the perfect fit for my molds.  At one time I had covered some with contact paper, I would like to cover the rest but for now I am happy to just have the molds contained.  

I am fairly certain that the molds have taken over!  This area is right next to my desk.  All of the paperwork stuffed into my wall caddy has been filed.  That was another HUGE task!  I am the household accountant, with it comes lots and lots of paperwork.  Secretly I do enjoy being the Accounting Lady of the Cisneros Clan.  

At the end of the day, I am so very happy to have my little spot in the world.  My Studio is much more than a room, it is a place where I can dream, create and just be myself.  I hope that each and everyone of you reading this has a special place to just "be."

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Re-orgazing and Re-strategzing

Good morning my friends!

I hope that each and every one of you are doing well and that 2017 is bringing you joy and happiness.  Here in my little world, I have been re-orgazing and re-strategzing. It has been a whirlwind of activity, mostly behid the scenes.

The holidays were so busy that afterward I felt like I needed a vacation just to recuperate.  My body was telling me to take a few days to rest and slow down.  For what felt like forever I closed down the online shop for a week and focused on the store front.  It was a nice break but I sure missed all of my online friends.  It is amazing how some things become so much a part of our lives.  I have made the most awesome friends online.  We chat every day, it is always wonderful to find an email from a friend.

One morning as I was getting ready for a day filled with soapy fun, I peeked outside to the most amazing view!  I really do live in such a beautiful place.  We have had quite a bit of snow this winter, it is all so lovely and cold..did I mention Cold?  One night is was -36 °F..that is NEGATIVE 36!  Whoa!  brrrrrr...

Back to organzing.  I knew that I wanated to start 2017 with a clean slate.  One Monday the family and I came into the shop to clean.  My daughter really was a driving force, together we moved everything out of my small shop.  We gave the walls a good scrubbing along with the floors and all of the shelves. 

 While I always have good intentions regarding re-arranging, truthfully it stresses me out.  Everything in disarray!  Oh my gosh, my little heart can not handle the mess!

Right about here, I was starting to have doubts..why oh why did I do this to myself?  Why didn't I just clean and leave everything the way it was?  

I knew that I needed to have some sort of order if I was to open the shop on that Sunny Tuesday morning.  I came into the shop at 7:30 a.m. work work work..clean clean clean.  I wish I could say that it all happened quickly but it took 3 long days of coming in early and staying late to get the shop in tip top shape!

Boy oh boy!  The results are so worth it!  Shall we have a looksie?  Here on the left is all of my Bath & Beauty products, I have since added Valentine Goodies but it is mostly the same.

To the right of the shop is the yarn.  Lots and lots of yarn!  Now that it is nice and orgaized I can see at a glance what color/s I need to order.  Stocking the shelves with yarn is one of the funnest parts of my job.  

It feels so good to start the New Year in the shop with a clean slate.  :-)  The next thing that I have been working on is what exactly does that mean?  I have been taking notes as to what products I will continue creating and what products will fall to the wayside.  So far I will continue to make:

Novelty Soaps
Bubble Bath
Bath Salts
Sugar Scrubs
Lotion Bars
Goats Milk & Honey Lotion
Foot Scrub/Foot Soak
Bath Fizzies
Lip Balms/Lip Scrubs
All Natural Deodorant
Body Spray
Face Cream
Men's products-Mechanic Scrub, Soaps, Beard Oil, Body Wash

The products that have been discontinued are:
Soy Candles
Soy Tarts
Under Eye Oil
Face Masks
Face Cleanser
Whipped Soap

I would like to focus more on what my fabulous customers want/need.  Downsizing will ensure that I am making exactly what you want.

The Craft Studio has also undergone a make-over!  Stay tuned for details and photo's.  Until next time, wishing you the very best not only today but every day!