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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keeping busy

Good Day to you!

It has been such a fun filled time for me.  I have gone from the crazyness of the holiday season to a bit more relaxed.  I am enjoying the lull between large custom orders as well as crochet orders and am working on never before seen soaps.

I seem to be a bit of a mold hoarder..yes my friends!  Molds are always top on my list of new "must have's".  While I was organizing all of the molds, I stumbled across a few that I had only used once, some that were long forgotten and some that are my all time favorites.

Yesterday we had our very first Snow Day.  My kiddos were able to stay home another day, they loved it!  I loved it too!  The need to create hit me on Sunday, I couldn't wait to get into the studio to start melting and mixing.

Let me introduce you to Cora, isn't she the sweetest cow you have ever seen?  She was poured in layers starting with the black on her feet, then her mouth..just noticed this pic doesn't have all of the details for her mouth, they were hand painted/piped in black.   I think she will make someone very happy, what do you think? 
 Then it was on to what I call The Luck of the Irish soapies, I have never used this new Cucumber Melon fragrance, soo sooo sweet and yummy.  About 10 years ago, this was my ultimate favorite fragrance, while a few others have stepped into my favorite favorite spot, this smell is still on my top 10.

 And then....can you believe that I had forgotten all about these gator's and turtles?  Now how could I do that?  They are just too cute!  I decided to change things up a bit and fragranced these with my pucker up Green Apple.  Another fruity favorite.  :-)
 While the other soaps were setting up, I started shrink wrapping these Super BIG Easter Eggs.  Each one is fragranced individually.  Mango Papaya, Watermelon, Jolly Rancher and last but not least Banana Coconut..I was on a sweet kick! 
 These adorable Mini Bunny soaps were whipped up last week but were awaiting their forever home.  They were waiting to be nestled among paper shreds and places in this cute lil Wire Basket.  I love love love small things, don't you? 

Besides soaping, I have also started whipping up NEW Floral Lotions, Bubble Bath and candles will be here soon! 

All of my soapy goodies can be found here.  Until we chat again.  Stay warm friends!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Organizing Smorganizing

Hello hello!  Seems like January has come and gone in a flurry.  I have been keeping busy with orders and the never ending organizing.  It seems like once I started,I just can't stop.  My craft studio has remained tidy even after whipping up over 100 Champagne Bubble Baths during the month of January.  I would say that is quite an accomplishment.  Having the fragrance/essential oils alphabetized has been fabulous.  My molds are now organized as well.  The closet is the last place.  It seriously looks like the closet of DOOM... I have started and have found quite a few WIP-work in progress items that I am slowly working on.  Do you ever start a craft project to only lose interest in it a few days into it?  I have found at least 4 afghans as well as numerous smaller projects.  I have finished 2 smaller projects today and am feeling like I can really do this! 

Back to weaving in ends..oh and I am learning how to knit..seems so foreign to me but I am trying.  Until next time...