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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Top of the morning friends!

I woke up early this morning determined to get a head start on my super duper looong "To Do" list.  While I was waiting patiently for my favorite coffee to brew, I took a peak out the window and WHAM!  I had made it just in time to watch the Sun Rise. 

What a view!  I love the peace and quiet of the early morning.  Everyone in my family can sleep in except for me..I am an early bird.  I can't help it!  I can't wait to get the day started.  While I was watching the sun rise and shine I took a few minutes to again..clear my mind..relax...The entire sunrise lasted 11 minutes.  Who knew!  I am so grateful that I was able to catch the magnificent view on camera but most importantly to just be able to soak it all in.  It's not every day that I take a moment just for myself especially during the busy holiday season. 

My wish for all of you on this fine morning is that you take a moment to just Breathe..take a few minutes to soak in your surroundings.  All my love and warmest wishes ~LeeAnn

Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Goodies

Hello friends!

The holidays are quickly approaching!  Along with them comes a whirlwind of creating, cooking, baking, family fun and good times.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  I love all of the festive colors and the delicious winter fragrances.  As always my craft studio is overfilling with goodies that are ready to make their debut into the shop as well as on Etsy Land. 

I don't know if I have ever shared about my love for snowmen..they are just soo cute!...  And round and perfect.  They make me deliriously HAPPY! The very first winter soapies that I pour are always Snowmen..this year I have two different snow people molds. Best of all I fragranced them with my ultimate favorite holiday fragrance-First really does smell like a fresh brisk walk surrounded by pine trees..aaaa...delightful!  Aren't they just soo soo cute? 

 The holidays wouldn't be complete without Stockings!  Glitter stockings for sure.  I know that some folks do not like glitter so..I have added the option in my Etsy shop to purchase your soapy goodies with/without glitter.  Glitter makes everything sparkly imho..:-)
 Snowflakes have officially made their debut into the shop, I have decided to create them in a variety of colors and fragrances.  First Snow, Pine and Cinnamon...oh so awesome!
 And last but not least..round pine trees!  I entered into a Window Decorating Contest.  Instead of displaying my soaps in the window I am using my display case.  These round bottomed trees are perfect!
Speaking of the Window Decorating Contest, I am working like a busy bee creating and decorating.  Oh the fun!  At times I feel a wee bit guilty as I just enjoy my days here at the shop and feel like it's always a GREAT day!    I will share photos of the finished display case.  Until next time...

p.s. the holiday soapies can be found here