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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Good morning and Happy Easter!!

When I think of Easter I always think of my kiddos, getting up early, dressing in their Sunday Best then spending the day with family.  Searching for eggs and having a relaxing sort of day.  

Both of my kiddos are teenagers and are not into decorating eggs, searching for them or anything similar but what they do love to do is EAT!  Yes!  They sure can consume huge quantities of food, sometimes in one sitting, at times throughout the day.  They sure do know how to flatter me, they give me tons of compliments on my cooking.."Mom, you bake the best bread...hint hint hint...Mom, your chicken taco soup is super, not many kids believe me when I tell them about your cooking..Mom do you think that you could whip up Mexican food tonight? (yours is truly the best I have ever eaten)  All while look so lovely today..your such a good mommy..."  uuuuhhhhhuuuhhhh they know just what to say to get me feeling soft and gushy and ready to bake/cook whatever their little hearts desire.

So after a busy and hectic week, I stopped at the grocery store last night after work..on a SatuRday..mind you...busiest day of the week to buy all of the goodies that I would need for a cherry vanilla pudding desert and pasta salad.  I spent another 2 hours in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes.  I had a thought, I guess I really do enjoy the cooking process, since I like to was a bit like art.  I feel this way in my craft studio..always wanting to create and then share my goodies with's like giving others a piece of your heart....  Hmm...never thought of it that way.  While I hope that I can take a little break for today I know that new bread recipes are mulling around in my head...tomorrow is another day.

So..may your Easter be wonderful and fantastic surrounded by your loved ones and special friends..oh! don't forget delicious yummy food!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New SoaPs!

Hi there!

See... I am back sooner than expected huh?  I am striving to get myself into a schedule.  As you all know, I opened up my store front in November, since then I have been running, some days only getting a few hours of sleep and yet the holidays were so much fun! And a lot of work.  Because I make all of the products in my store, I was busy filling orders on line, creating new products and trying to keep my family fed and clean.  All in all it was a great learning experience.  However I vowed to myself to TRY to be more prepared next year.  I made a year long schedule and lists oh the lists...sometimes my "To Do" list can be overwhelming, do you ever notice that once you take an idea and write it down on paper it feels like more of a chore?  Like you really have to do it?

Ok, back to the far I have been on schedule with the exception of Spring.  I have all of these visions of butterfly and lady bug soaps..however here in our neck of the woods it is still snowing. 

I think I just need to create these wonderful goodies and WISH spring here sooner, what do you think?   Yes!  That is what I will do, I will keep you posted on my progress. 

This last weekend I did however whip up my newest Graduation Cap Glycerin Soaps..I am completely smitten with them.  Graduating from something is such an accomplishment, with it comes so much change, things can not go back like they were before.  Extremely complex yet I know that I didn't think of it as such when I was graduating from high school or was more of like an end to all of the studying and hard work. 

My I seem to be chatty today...back to pictures...

What do you think?  I shrink wrapped them this morning and nestled them among a bed of neat to think that hopefully my soaps will be a token of a "New Start" to someone.  My newest creations can be found here  Back to work..:-)

Friday, April 11, 2014


Hello hello!

I was gone for such a loooong time.  My small world has changed dramatically for the better in the last year.  Where oh where do I start?...

My last post was June 2013.  Since then I have opened up my very own store front..woohooo!  Insert happy dancing!  All of the details worked out was really much easier than I thought.  I resigned from my seasonal job and started setting up.
Here is a small peak into my shop taken during my Grand Opening on November 1.  I have re-arranged a few shelves, added new displays but the overall design has remained the same. 
 I am constantly thinking of new ways to display products and am changing and decorating along with the holidays. 
It is such a neat feeling to walk in every day to my little space.  I feel at ease, inspired and content.  Life has a way of changing and evolving. What a ride!

I am still creating new soaps, lotions and other bath and beauty products.  New products have made their way into my shop as well.  I am making a vow to myself to blog more, share more and hopefully inspire others as well.  Until we chat again...