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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Summer

Hello hello and howdy!

Summer is here!!!  With that I am reminded of picnics and outdoor fun.  Here in my little neck of the woods life of course is busy.  School has ended for my children, they have been super busy enjoying their bit of relaxation and vacation.  Both of them have been reading, crafting, drawing and just relaxing.  Of course, a few chores are thrown in each day.

Great news!  I opened up a second on line shop, here is the link

I have similar items in here but new goodies too.  I started a new men's line..want to see a few pics?

Here we have my newest shaving soap and boar brush.  The soap is super neat. First you wet the bristle brush, then whirl it in the jar to create a lather, apply soap to face and shave.  VIOLA!  Smells great too!  

 The little boar brush is the cutest and would make a wonderful gift for those special men in our life.
 A smaller sized jar for those that travel. :-)
 Not a fan of shave soap?  No problem, I created Men's Shaving Cream..super fluffy and good for your skin.  I added the very best ingredients such as:

♦♦Carrot Seed Extract helps soothe skin to reduce razor burn.

♦♦Aloe Butter provides moisture to your skin.

♦♦Hemp Seed Oil quickly penetrates the skin providing lasting moisture.

♦♦Kaolin Clay provides added slip and glide to your razor.

Last but not least..Mechanic Scrub...the thought popped in my head one day as my husband came in from working on one of our vehicles.  He was washing up with the orange scented mechanic scrub..It was like a light bulb went off...I could create something similar that smelled much more masculine and worked just as well. 
Here it is. fragranced with my Jacob's Desire Fragrance Oil. It is a warm blend of mandarin and pepper with cypress, ebony wood, leather, amber and musk. Extremely masculine with a hint of sexiness. 

Now off to create 4th of July ideas are always on the horizon.  What are you working on?  What would you like to see more of?  I look forward to your response.  Until we chat again, have a SUPER Saturday!

Monday, April 22, 2013

So sorry!

Hello hello! 

You ever have a moment when you realize that you thought you did something but in actuality you never did?  I have been having those moments quite often...I have started making a daily list so that I can get all of my ducks in a row.   Top of my list today was my BLOG..I am so sorry I have been quite neglectful.  *hugs*

Here in my craft studio it has been a frenzy of creating, labeling and packaging.  I have had the busiest year.  My dreams of selling my own products has finally moved from a slow pace to a run.  I love it! The custom orders are always so fun and can be a wonderful challenge as well.  I am always super amazed at ideas that fellow friends have.  It's wonderful seeing their ideas come to life.  The newest soapy goodies have increased.  Seems like every week I have a new soapy product.  Oldies have come back too. 

Would you like to take a looksie?

Remember these Strawberry Soaps?  They are not new but back by popular demand.  They have real Strawberry Seeds too...:-)

 I had this idea for sugar cube soaps..but of course I wanted more than just a cube..I wanted something fun and summer like...My new Flip Flop Glycerin Sugar Soaps came to life..fragranced with juicy Watermelon & Tropical doesn't that remind you of those nice hot summer days?  


I also remembered uuuuuuu found this 7 rose mold in my stash...Now how could I have forgotten it?  Isn't it perfect for Mother's Day?  Speaking of I need to get cracking on goodies for our mom's.  
 I also thought of massage really feels soo delicious!  I whipped these up with Goats Milk Soap...I feel like I am transformed into the most wonderful spa as I am enjoyable. 

 These little dolphins and alligators were a custom request..aren't they just adorable?  I will be adding them to my Etsy shop just as soon as I can.

 And last but not least is my newest Gift Set.  My Pamper My Hands Gift Sets.  The set makes the perfect gift.   My daughter and I love getting our nails done and have the best of times getting manicures.  We usually give each other manicures on Monday evenings while watching a favorite show.  It is definitely one of those precious mother daughter times that I look forward to. 
More goodies are sure to arrive soon.  If you would like to purchase any of these they can be found here.  Until we chat again!  Have a wonderful week :-))))

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wamer weather....????

Hello hello!  It's February, a short month but oh so enjoyable.  It is so nice to see that we are having longer days here in CO.  The sun is shinning, it's still cold but we haven't had as much snow and not very many storms.  I'm secretly glad, I'm such a chickie when it comes to driving.

 Anyhow..guess what I have been working on?  You got it!  New Soapy Goodies.   Happy Valentines Day to you my friends early...yes..I am determined to be on time...and if I forget...Happy St. Patrick's Day tooo...see now aren't I really ahead of the game?  *grin*   of course my goodies can be found here

Until we chat again!  What are you working on?  or up to this winter?  I would love to hear from you.  :-)

Friday, January 4, 2013


 Hello hello!  I have started off the new year with a Bang!  A crocheting kinda bang.  I love yarn!  I'm rather addicted.  *Happy Dancing*  It had been awhile since I really was able to sit back and just enjoy my hooky yarn time.  I am determined to make time every few days to do something that I enjoy.  I made this dresser scarf for my son.  He arranged his goodies on top of his dresser by himself.  He likes everything just "SO"  and...if things couldn't get any better, my daughter has learned how to crochet as well..woohooo!  Double skipity.  Off to play work....err....I mean crochet. 
Is there anything that you enjoy doing, working on that you are determined to make more time for? 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!

I am in awe that 2012 is gone and 2013 is here.  So many changes that sometimes it's hard to grasp.

This last year flew by in such a flurry.  Seems like I put my running shoes on and never took them off.  
December was a month of business but also a wonderful family time month.  

Our children both had memorable events.  Our son moved up in rank.  He is in Boy Scouts....soon he will be an Eagle Scout.  I am so proud of him!  He has worked extremely hard for so many years.  It looks like all of his hard work is paying off.

Our daughter had her first Winter Formal-scary!  She looked beautiful!  It was also her 12th Birthday this month, she is turning into quite a unique little lady.  

I also had many craft shows/bazaars the last 2 months.  They sure kept me hopping.

My baby  nieces are 6 months!  I am in awe, and so delighted every time they reach a new milestone.  What little Angels.

Now on to the New Year...this year the hubby and I will have our 17th Wedding Anniversary..WOW!  Who would have thunk?  Actually, it has been AWEsomE!  The first few years were the hardest, now seems like we just fit perfectly.

On to business lil shop has taken off.  Sometimes I just sit and think about how much I love it!  Besides my family and friends..I am just so happy.  I can remember when the idea came to me, I was in such a state of excitement that I couldn't sleep..still happens.  Every request, order and customer means that someone likes/enjoys my products.  Fancy that. :-)

My craft studio has been a flutter with new Valentine Goodies..want to take a peak?

Here's one of my Dunkin Suds Combo-White Chocolate Raspberry Whoopie Pie and Coffee Bean Coffee...oh my!  Smells good enough to eat.
 I love these lil grab many fragrances and little time.
 I also started a new promotion for the New Year-my Fragrance Of The Month Sale...all items in my shop with my Goji Berry Bliss are 10% OFF...I love the little vintage bathtub and sink...I have the toilet too..but wasn't sure if it would look tacky, what do you think?
 All of my goodies can be found here.  Back to playing...errr...I mean work.  May you have the most Prosperous New Year.