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Sunday, May 27, 2012

new ideas

hello there!  Now where have I gone to?  Well...I have had a busy two weeks.  After the Anniversary last weekend, I had a business training for 4 days!!!  Finally made it home this last Thursday, since then I have been busy crafting up a storm.  Here are a few pics of the new goodies that I have made.

 New bubble baths

                          Hello Kitty Glycerin Soaps..aren't they just the cutest?

 New Frosted Cranberry Lip Balms...ohh they smell delicious and work wonderfully!  Ripe cranberries with a hint of love love

 Decided to try my hand at Body Spritzers..can I just say?  I adore this fragrance!  Sun & Sand..reminds me of a day on the beach (not that I have ever been to the beach, but we do have the Great Sand Dunes near our house, this counts right?)  And the spritz feel so soft and delicious on your skin.

 And last but not new favorite Luscious Sugar Scrub..a delicate blend of Mango, Strawberries, Grapefruit, Freesia, Amber and Tonka Bean...soo many new little time.  Bathing has never been so much fun!

Most of my goodies have made it to my etsy shop or will tomorrow..they can be found here

Friday, May 18, 2012

My journey into Desert Making

Hello there my friends!  Happy Friday to all of you!  This weekend my in-laws are renewing their wedding vows.  They are doing it a bit early..but they wanted to be able to plan it the way they wanted and share it with all of us while they still can.  I am honored that they would let me do a bit of baking for their big event. onto the nitty gritty details.  First I must say, I do NOT like baking..just not my thing.  But alas..I decided to try a new recipe..Pecan Pumpkin doesn't the title just  sound delicious?  Like jaw dropping yummy!  I must confess..I love and I mean LOVe pecans. brother in law has made this desert and claims it is fantastic.  Who am I to disagree?  He is a fantastic cook! And baker and has a green thumb too!  Boy my sister is such a lucky lady.  Anyhow, started baking at 10 this morning.. See here's a pic of me all smiles 

Now where was I?  Oh yes!  I started crushing graham crackers first then moved on to the tart itself.   Here they are in the oven..I was standing nearby hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that they would rise and come out correctly..cuz..I forgot to add the butter to the before I put them in the oven..had to scoop the top layer out and mix in the butter..this was tricky because the bottom layer has chopped becans, butter and the graham crackers...oh my!

lookie!  They came out! Oh happy dance!  Really..I was jumping for while they were cooling I started the next desert..a graham cracker, cherry, vanilla pudding, cool whip kind of thing.  No exactly prize winning in appearance but I think "it will eat".

So...after the tarts had cooled, I whipped up the the recipe says to only frost the sides..guess who forgot? 
The frosting sure tastes you can see..I am a bit messy..the frosting is on the sides and dripping is in the fridge setting..please oh please taste any of you every have this worry?

Three hours later I am done!  Dishes done, trash taken out and kitchen cleaned up..whew!  What a morning.  Thank you to my dear son (he helped with dishes and trash) also sorry really didn't mean to let out a few choice words..baking is just  not  my THING.  until we meet again friends..I will keep you all posted on the tasting.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

4th Of July Bar Soaps

Hello hello!
Finally had a chance to cut the big 4th Of July loaf into bars..yippeee!  I love love love how they turned out..and boy oh boy do they smell good!  They smell just like a delicious Jolly Rancher-a fantastic summery blend of  Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach and Vanilla.  It just Screams summer, don't ya think?  Before I get carried away with the's a few pics.

And of course you can purchase them here the little bit of glitter just makes me ohh so happy.  Now on to SOAP I go.  hugs!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hi there!

Finally had a minute to list the CHILL PILL soaps on etsy.  You can find them here wohoohoo!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday

Top of the Morning friends!

How was your Mother's Day weekend?  I hope that it was filled with happiness, good company and the best of times.

I had the most amazing weekend! where to appointments...I know....I know...that is soo UNLIKE me.  But it was fantastic!  My family really is the best!  My weekend was spent crafting, soaping  and best of all chatting it up with my kiddos and hubby.  We really enjoyed each others company.  Now we are refreshed to start another busy week.

What do you say, did I create?  well..I have a few lovely soaps that I started creating on Friday and then more of them on Saturday.  Ever need a Chill Pill? you go!

These soapies have a lil story.  My hubby works in a pharmacy.these were actually his idea.  He found the molds and asked me to create them.  He was a bit specific regarding colors but so far, he likes them.  I sold a set fresh out of the mold..guess I had better get more whipped up.  They haven't made it to my etsy shop..but they will.  I have another set made up but need at least 4 more sets to call it good.

Also started on 4th Of July Soaps!  My wonderful son came up with the scents.  (thank you Cristopher) Red-Wild Strawberry White-Island Coconut and Blue-Blueberry..I have to tell ya..the overall fragrance is Delicious!  I really would love to take a bite of these soaps..oh my...sooo yummy!

oh and have a soap loaf that I need to take pics of to share..will get to that sometime this week. Off to start my daily chores.  hugs n squishes my dearest friends!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finished afghan

Good Morning!

I always feel like I am writing a letter and want to start off by saying "how are you?" but alas...I hope all of you are doing well and are in a Fantastic place.

Yesterday I crocheted and crocheted. Whilst I was crocheting, I thought to myself. " I love this"  the process is so relaxing and rewarding.  As I was sitting with my hook in hand happy thoughts entered my mind..oh how I love thee Yarn and Hook.

Finished a small child's size afghan for an order.  I so hope my new little friend likes it.  She is 7 years old and too cute for words.

 What do you think?  Do you like it?  I love love love grannies!  12 Squares of happiness combined using the connect as you go method then a fun border of clusters and chains..heaven!  what oh what will my next hooky project be?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Soapy and Tarty goodies :-)

Top of the morning friends!

Now where have I been?  I have been holed up in my craft studio creating lovely goodies to share with you and all of my customers.  :-)  *Contented sigh*  what a pleasure it is for me to be able to walk into my craft studio and just let myself go crazy with fragrances, soapy goodies and waxes.

What exactly have I made?  Are you ready?  POWER Of Flower SOap!  ohhh laaa laaaa...I am in love with these.  They are made with lots of yummy ingredients...glycerin (to cleanse) strawberry seeds (for a mild exfoliation), Kaolin clay (to enhance circulation and remove oils from the skin), palm oil (to add moisture and a bit of slip), and last but certainly not least Fresh Strawberry Fragrance.  Oh my!  this fragrance...I could go on and on...I have seriously searched for that perfect Strawberry smell that is not too weak, not too strong..not too tart and definitely not too SWEET.  But friends, I have found it!  Yipppeee!  Where is the little Dancing Smilie?  With out further's a pic.
 What do you think?  Can someone please create smella computer?  I wish ya all could smell these.

On to another creation..for quite some time I have been contemplating making tarts..however I have the most amazing friends that have encouraged me to give them a them and my mom in mind (she uses tarts every day, non stop in her burner)  I created these..16 of them to be exact!  I tried to stop at 5..but oh no..the soy wax was pulling me in.

of course I had to create some that were not fruit smelly so here are some of those

would love to hear your feedback. Now I must hop off the clouds and get to cleaning..where oh where did my maid go?  hugs n squishes!