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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Soap Soap and MORE SOAP!

Good afternoon!

As the summer months are winding down I can't help  but feel a little excited as the New School Year is coming up!  It is the beginning of new grades, activities and friends.  It sure is an exciting time for teachers/school officials and students as they gear up for another jam packed school year.

Here on the Soapy front, I have been getting ready too..but not to go back to teaching instead I am getting ready for the upcoming holidays.  I am in full "List Making" mode, checking my supplies and thinking of new Gift Sets.  I can't wait to start creating, it is all so much fun!

I have also been working on NEW Soaps.
The Newest Ride On Motorcycle Soaps are rockin cool!  Fragranced with our Ed Hardy For Men these soap are sure to please.

The Sweet Baseball Soaps were beyond fun to create!  I posted my very first video on FaceBook asking my wonderful friends to help with the scent.  They were so wonderful, they came up with all sorts of neat ideas, Dirt, Popcorn, Hot Dog, Citrus were a few.  I took all of their advice and whipped some up in Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Energy-a citrus blend.  I also followed up with another video sharing the results, what fun!  I will definitely create more videos, what a fabulous way to share with others.  

I have also whipped up these super neat Gardening Gift Sets. Folks just love them!  They include All Natural Bug Spray, Waterless Hand Cleaner, Cuticle Cream and Shea Butter Soap.  Each set has it's own fragrance-Lemongrass Verbena, Wild Berry Tulips, Lavender and Citrus & Sage and they all come nestled in a Terra Cotta pot, how perfect is that?   

 One of my good friends requested train soaps for her grandsons 2nd birthday.  I was more than happy to create them for her, she chose Grape Soda for the fragrance..they smelled good enough to eat!

Here's a sneak peak at one of the newest Pamper My Hands Gift Sets.  It includes a delicious Vanilla Bean Hand Polish, Goats Milk & Honey Lotion and Cuticle Cream.

 Stay tuned for more unique soaps and Gift Sets.  Until next time...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Sprucing UP

Hello Hello!

So what have you all been up to this summer?  Here in my neck of the woods I have been enjoying the longer days.  It has been a whirlwind of a summer with both of our kiddos being gone at the same time.  They are out enjoying different activities, I sure miss them but have taken this time to work on Sprucing UP, the shop that is.

Let's take a walk in shall we?  I love looking in from the door way.  My lil' shop is small but so colorful.  The bursts of color make me oh so happy!

 We now have a place for customers to pull up a seat, browse thru the NEW Bulk ordering book or sit for a chat.  The Bulk Ordering Book is a process, more soaps are always being added.  And for those of you not in Alamosa, everything in the book is ONLINE..yes my friends! We are everywhere. :-)

 I decided to add the Blue Pineapple Shawl to the store inventory,  I even made my very first Shawl Pin to go with it.
 The Lotion Shelves are popular, folks like coming in to sniff and sample the lotions.  Different scents are always on the horizon,  The Lotion Bars were my first Lotion products to create and have been a hit ever since!
 The Bottles of Bubbly, Bath Fizzies, Salts and Novelty soaps are sure to please.  We have something for everyone on your list!
 On to the Bar Soaps and Summer Section. The Gardening Gift Sets make fabulous Gifts.  They include:  our All Natural Bug Spray, All Natural Hand Cleaner, Shea Butter Soap With Pumice, Cuticle Cream and the Terra Cotta Pot.  ALL of these goodies for $20.00..what a Deal!

 Besides whipping up product, I do enjoy knitting and crocheting.  I must say I have an addiction to scarf making.  I like that they are easy to carry with me and work up quickly.
 YARN YARN YARN  Here at LeeAnn's we carry an assortment, we do have NEW Novelty yarn on order, can't wait till it gets here!

And there we have it!  What do you think?  Most of the items are listed online.  I have two Etsy Shops, one for all of the Bath & Beauty Products and one for the yarn/packaging supplies

Bath & Beauty products can be found here

Yarn & Packaging Supplies can be found here

Until we chat again, hoping that your summer is Sensational!