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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Hello there!

So many exciting things are happening here in my little world!  I am gearing up and getting ready to celebrate my 3rd Anniversary!  Store Anniversary that is.  How exciting is that?  It has been 3 years of hard work, dedication and fun!  Lots of laughter and some days silliness, I feel like I can be my authentic self and boy is it liberating!  I would like to invite you personally to our celebration.  Joyce the owner of Wild Roses will be celebrating her 13th Anniversary as well,  together we make quite a team!   Thank you Joyce for all of your help and insipiration the last 3 years, here's to many more!
Stop in for some awesome deals and snacks!  I am sure that you will find something unique and fun!

What else have I been up to you ask?  I have been SOAPING!  When I say soaping I mean....lots and lots of custom soaps have been making their way out of the studio each week.  Right now the most popular soaps are these Mini Elephant Soapies.  Each one is fragranced with my Baby Powder fragrance oil, then shrink wrapped, nestled among a bed of paper shreds then tied with matching ribbon and the cutest labels!

 Oh my gosh!  Cuteness overload

 Last night I pulled out the Christmas Molds, I poured 4 sets of these darlings!  The studio was buzzing with  Frosted Cranberries, Gingerbread Cookies, Peppermint Stick and Santa's Tree Farm.
This morning before I rushed out the door, I whipped up a few batches of the Frosted Cranberry Goats Milk & Honey Lotions..they will be part of the NEW Gift Sets.  Stay tuned as we always have something in the works!
 On the crochet/knitting front.  The Temperature Afghan Crochet A Long is underway!  Oh what fun I am having!  Some how, some way I have managed to keep up.  I am crocheting a hexagon for both the high and low temps each day. My friend "T" has been posting the daily temps here in Alamosa on Facebook Group Page, it makes it so easy to stay on track.  Thank you T!

Back to knitting, I have a pair of socks that are begging to be finished!  Talk soon!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Random Actsof Kindness

Top of the morning to you all!

Today has been such a mix of emotions that I feel like my words are just tumbling around in my head and heart.

This morning I woke up late...just not feeling very energetic.  Being a small business owner is tough.  I try to always focus on the positive but some days I feel overwhelmed and just plain exhausted.  It is wonderful being my own boss, working for myself and creating and doing all of the things that make me happy.  With that being said and if I am being honest, it requires STAMINA!  Not just let me go into the shop today and see what I can do.  It takes planning and more planning,then putting forth the effort, completing projects while always paying attention to detail.  Some days it feels like a juggling act between being a mom, wife and business owner.

With my Third anniversary coming up, I can't help but feel nostalgic.  Wow!  I feel like I am in the right place at the right time but goodness, three years?  ?  Joyce and I have been planning our Anniversary Shop Party.  Stay tuned for upcoming details!

Now back to this morning.  I poured a cup of coffee and stumbled into my Craft Studio with the intention of tidying up a bit and perhaps printing a few labels before heading into the shop.  I literally walked right into a box on the floor.  I immediately thought, I do not have a supply/shop order placed what could this be?

I saw that the package was from TampaDoll in who could be sending me something from Florida?

Oh my gosh!  I opened up the package to see a beautiful hand made crochet tote!  WOW! Not just any tote, but  A Halloween inspired tote bag!  Don't the colors just scream Halloween? is stunning!

 Along with the wonderful tote is a witch pin-she has a lighted nose, now how cute is that?

And then I saw the pumpkin dishcloth, by now the tears started pouring out.  How did my friends on the Crochet Ville know that I needed a pick me up?

If that were not complete sweetness!  The Scrubby Bat is beyond adorable and soo soft and cuddly!

Thank you so very much MaryJo for your wonderful gift!  I find it difficult to express how grateful I feel, but please know that I am so appreciative and feel as if I have won the lottery!  Thank you for making my day, my week but mostly for making me feel so special.

Until next time, may your days be filled with kindness and happiness.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Breathtaking Mini Vacation

Hello hello!

I hope that you are all doing well and taking in the last of the warm weather.  Here in Colorful Colorado, the tree's have changed colors, daylight is shorter and the nights are colder.  We are getting ready for a snow filled winter.

However, I did manage to squeeze in a fun filled Mini Vacation.  My wonderful husband planned a nice outing.  We drove to Colorado Springs one Friday evening, woke up early Saturday morning, after a quick breakfast we were ready to go!  We decided to see what the Seven Falls were all about.

As we stepped off the shuttle van, our eyes feasted on this sweet road to paradise.  Oh my gosh!  The tree's were so beautiful.  Most of them still had leaves, the vibrant orange, red and green were a sight for sore eyes.  The roadway is not intended for folks to drive on, I believe that it is used for the shuttle vehicles and to transport materials/tools and such to the falls.

I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Ozz..down the road we went!  We stopped every so often to smell the fresh air and snap a few photos.

We walked down the trail to feel the water, cold but not frigid..yet!  I imagine that the Falls will be beautiful frozen.  

We would have known that we would have seen the Pillars of Hercules?  The pillars are made of pink Granite!  PINK!  Can you imagine?  

As we rounded the bend we finally reached the Falls.  Oh my gosh! THE staircase!  Well hello Sir!  Nice to meet you!

We cheated..yes we sure did!  We rode the neatest elevator that is inside the mountain up to the top...let's keep this little fact to ourselves shall we?  

Looking down really gives you an idea of how high up we were.  The restaurant looks so tiny. 

To the left was the most amazing Waterfall!  If you look closely you can see the stairway..yes folks!  We did walk all the way around the restaurant and up those teeny tiny stairs to get a better look.

The bottom of the Waterfall was superb!  Look at all of the bends, now who would have thought that water would run straight down?

 We took a few sips of water, stretched our legs and started climbing...UP UP UP...I didn't look back...I was totally freaked out..I kept putting one foot in front of the other until I took the last step to the first landing..only then did I glance back to see that John was about 20 steps behind.  I tell ya,..fear can motivate!

 It felt surreal, the water was falling into one spot then down another..around a bend and down again.

The sound as the water hit the rocks is so soothing and powerful at the same time.  

Once we reached the top, we took a small break to breathe in the fresh air and relax.  We MADE IT!  I was feeling pretty good, And was time to climb back down..oh my gosh!  The view going down was a bit on the terrifying side..I am so grateful for the rails, I think I was hanging on super tight as my arms were sore the next how strange is that?  

All in All it was a wonderful way to spend the day!  Back to soaping...