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Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Sunnnnnddddaaaayyy!

Well Hello hello!

Been awhile but I am finally getting into the routine of working, family and small business.  We have had one of the best weekends.  Yesterday we spent the morning tidying up..afraid to say but my bedroom was the worst.  Happy to share that it is all nice and organized..whew!  We also took our children swimming.  What joy!  They really are so very sweet, love love love spending time with them.  It was fantastic to splish splash in the worries, no phone calls, no interruptions.  It made me realize that I really need to refocus on my sure has taken precedence over everything.  I really am going to make it a point to remember that work is work but family is well my Number 1 priority.  Thankfully I have the most amazing kiddos..they are so understanding and helpful as well as the hubby.

Now onto other fun things...remember I had shared that I had lost my camera?  Someone turned it in!  woohooo!  The hospital mailed it to chip and all.  What a relief!  here are a few pics of the last soapy goodies that I created. 

Working on adding them to my shop as we speak. They can be found here  Also have four new Body Sprtiz's in new fragrances..will share those just as soon as I take pics. 

Back to creating, have a great Sunday!


  1. Cute soaps! So glad your kids are such good helpers. You are performing quite a balancing act keeping everything going.