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Friday, January 4, 2013


 Hello hello!  I have started off the new year with a Bang!  A crocheting kinda bang.  I love yarn!  I'm rather addicted.  *Happy Dancing*  It had been awhile since I really was able to sit back and just enjoy my hooky yarn time.  I am determined to make time every few days to do something that I enjoy.  I made this dresser scarf for my son.  He arranged his goodies on top of his dresser by himself.  He likes everything just "SO"  and...if things couldn't get any better, my daughter has learned how to crochet as well..woohooo!  Double skipity.  Off to play work....err....I mean crochet. 
Is there anything that you enjoy doing, working on that you are determined to make more time for? 

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  1. How fun that your daughter enjoys crocheting too!