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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!

I am in awe that 2012 is gone and 2013 is here.  So many changes that sometimes it's hard to grasp.

This last year flew by in such a flurry.  Seems like I put my running shoes on and never took them off.  
December was a month of business but also a wonderful family time month.  

Our children both had memorable events.  Our son moved up in rank.  He is in Boy Scouts....soon he will be an Eagle Scout.  I am so proud of him!  He has worked extremely hard for so many years.  It looks like all of his hard work is paying off.

Our daughter had her first Winter Formal-scary!  She looked beautiful!  It was also her 12th Birthday this month, she is turning into quite a unique little lady.  

I also had many craft shows/bazaars the last 2 months.  They sure kept me hopping.

My baby  nieces are 6 months!  I am in awe, and so delighted every time they reach a new milestone.  What little Angels.

Now on to the New Year...this year the hubby and I will have our 17th Wedding Anniversary..WOW!  Who would have thunk?  Actually, it has been AWEsomE!  The first few years were the hardest, now seems like we just fit perfectly.

On to business lil shop has taken off.  Sometimes I just sit and think about how much I love it!  Besides my family and friends..I am just so happy.  I can remember when the idea came to me, I was in such a state of excitement that I couldn't sleep..still happens.  Every request, order and customer means that someone likes/enjoys my products.  Fancy that. :-)

My craft studio has been a flutter with new Valentine Goodies..want to take a peak?

Here's one of my Dunkin Suds Combo-White Chocolate Raspberry Whoopie Pie and Coffee Bean Coffee...oh my!  Smells good enough to eat.
 I love these lil grab many fragrances and little time.
 I also started a new promotion for the New Year-my Fragrance Of The Month Sale...all items in my shop with my Goji Berry Bliss are 10% OFF...I love the little vintage bathtub and sink...I have the toilet too..but wasn't sure if it would look tacky, what do you think?
 All of my goodies can be found here.  Back to playing...errr...I mean work.  May you have the most Prosperous New Year. 


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  1. Great post, LeeAnn! Thanks for the look at your new products. You are very creative.