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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School

Hello and Welcome to the beginning of another school year!  In most areas, school has already begun, here in our neck of the woods it is starting later this week.  On a FRIDAY!  What?  I know..sounds strange but this is the second year that our kiddos begin on a Friday.  Totally wrong in my eyes but alas..who am I to judge?

With the thought of summer shopping and school supplies I decided to make my very first Back To School Soapies..what fun!  The ideas just flooded in..more and more new soapies are always on the horizon.  I do LoVe creating. 
These cute pink erasers took me back to my writing days..being a lefty I would always smudge my paper as I was writing.  After I was all finished with my work, a few swipes with these handy dandy erasers always made my work more legible.  Do any of you suffer from messy handwriting?  Any lefties out there?
 I was seriously so very happy with these Chalkboard Eraser Soaps..oh my gosh!  Just had to toss in a few sticks of chalk.  Do teacher use chalkboards anymore?  Or are they all moving on towards Dry Erase Markers? 
And these lil book soaps?  These were so much fun to create, they smell like Green Apples..super duper yummy and oh so functional. 
What do you think of my Back to School Corner?  Fall is right around the Fall Soaps will be arriving soon.  All my soaps goodies can be found here

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