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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Organizing Smorganizing

Hello hello!  Seems like January has come and gone in a flurry.  I have been keeping busy with orders and the never ending organizing.  It seems like once I started,I just can't stop.  My craft studio has remained tidy even after whipping up over 100 Champagne Bubble Baths during the month of January.  I would say that is quite an accomplishment.  Having the fragrance/essential oils alphabetized has been fabulous.  My molds are now organized as well.  The closet is the last place.  It seriously looks like the closet of DOOM... I have started and have found quite a few WIP-work in progress items that I am slowly working on.  Do you ever start a craft project to only lose interest in it a few days into it?  I have found at least 4 afghans as well as numerous smaller projects.  I have finished 2 smaller projects today and am feeling like I can really do this! 

Back to weaving in ends..oh and I am learning how to knit..seems so foreign to me but I am trying.  Until next time...

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