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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A typical day in my wonderful life

Top of the morning!  How ya doing today?  I hope that you are doing sunshiny well!  *grin*  I have been asked many a time how exactly I do it all?  How do I run a business and have a family and work so so many hours? 

I have been thinking about this and how life has changed in so many ways.  In the last year I have learned how to prioritize.  Running a small business is difficult.  For the first year I can honestly say that my business "ran me".  I was at the mercy of it.  I'm not complaining and have loved it all but I knew that I couldn't continue to run like a chicken without sleep or proper nutrition.

The first thing I do every morning at 6:30-6:45 is make a pot of coffee.  While the coffee is brewing, I always make my bed..sounds silly but making my bed tells me that I can not crawl back into it and that my day has started.  Some days I make my family breakfast.  I have figured out how to use my oven to cook eggs but sometimes make what I call "Mama Bear Oatmeal" or muffins.  Some days its cold cereal. 

After I shoo everyone out the door it's time to check emails and process orders.  Depending on the complexity of the order, this usually takes about 30 minutes.  After that it's shower I am ready for the day!

Before I leave the house, I try to wash the breakfast dishes as nothing is worse than coming home to a sink full of icky dishes.  Most days I pack my lunch as well as snacks..carrots, pretzels, fresh fruit, trail mix..something easy to snack on. 

Then it's off to run errands, bank, post office to drop off packages and then finally here to the shop.  I have started riding my bike..and I LOVE it! 

I keep my bike here at the shop as the park is only a couple of blocks away.  I have had this bike for over 5 years and had completely forgotten about it.  My first day was a bit scary as I had completely forgotten how to ride a bike..balancing and turning was difficult.  I was quite a sight!

I usually ride 2-3 laps around the park.  The trees are not green yet but Spring is coming I know it!  I really do love feeling the air blow through my hair as I pedal on.  Some days I listen to music other days I just breathe and relax. 

The park is really so very nice!  I can't wait until summer, the grass is so green and the trees are stunning!
Then it's back to the shop for breakfast and water..Water is just perfect after a long bike ride.
I open up my shop as well as Wild Roses.  I love flipping on all of the lights and getting ready for the day.  You never know who is going to stop in!
My shop hours are 10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  My business has grown.  It really is so much fun!  In between customers, I check/answer emails thru ought the day, send out flyers, promote on social media and sneak in a bit of crochet.  Before I know it, it is time to go home. 
Above is a Custom crochet afghan.  I was able to work on this here at the shop with the exception of a few evenings at home. 
Then it's time to pick up kiddos, fix dinner and spend time with the family.  After dinner and everyone has gone their separate ways, its to the Craft Studio!  Something is always in the works whether it is soap being poured, bath salts, candles, deodorant, lip balms. I always always have product in the making.  I usually listen to t.v. as I am working or answering emails.  I make it a point to stop at 9 p.m. unless I have a HUGE order then it could be midnight before I call it quitting time.  Most days though it's 9 p.m.  I usually get ready for bed and knit and crochet for at least 30 minutes.  This helps me calm my body and is so very relaxing. 
That is my day in a nutshell.  I also host Craft Night every other Thursday here at my shop, am a Board member for the Chamber of Commerce and teach crochet classes on Saturdays.  I have worked these meetings and evenings into my schedule so that they are not all overlapping.  So good!
What are your days filled with?  I would love to hear about your daily routines.  


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