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Friday, August 4, 2017

Dishing...Soap & Yarn

Good morning my Friends & Family!
Bet you were wondering where I ran off to?  I have been keeping fairly busy with soap orders and listings and of course life and family.

We shall first talk about soaping...these cute mini Elephant Soaps to date have been my best Sellers.  I have whipped up more than 900 Mini Soaps!  NINE HUNDRED!  That is just online, can you all believe that?

They really are so cute and adorable!

 I offer the opportunity for folks to choose their favorite pastel color.
Grey, White and Pink seem to be the most popular

However a mix of pastels are fun too!

They really are super cute for baby showers, wedding favors, parties and make unique gifts.  And you get to choose your favorite fragrance too!  What's not to love? 

Besides Soaping, my family has been helping me list ALL of the yarn that was in my store front.  This has not been an easy task..I have over 300 skeins of yarn for sale!

I love that I have personally used all of the yarn that I am selling and can attest to the quality and ease of use.

Let's talk about Caron Simply Soft shall we?  I really think I should work for Spinrite the Company that makes this yarn.  Personally I started crocheting with this yarn 16 years ago, since then I have fallen deeper in like with this soft cuddly yarn.  It holds up well to washings and really wears well.  They offer such a huge variety of bright colors, Fuschia, Neon Pinks, Deep Purple, as well as softer shades-Autumn Maize, Off White, Bone and Pastels. 

I Custom Crochet this Mandala Vest for one of my wonderful customers.  It was so fun picking out the yarn, configuring the color sequence and whipping it up.  I must say it did look fabulous on her!

 A few years ago I started knitting dishcloths, they were an easy way for me to learn how to knit and didn't take as long as a scarf.  This awesome blend of cotton and polyester  yarn is a dream to work with, the stitches just glide off the knitting needles.

I have a growing collection of knit dischloths and have gifted quite a few of them too!  

The Scrub It Yarn is another one of my personal favorites

 The yarn is made out of 100% cotton-this makes the dishcloths wonderful to not only wash dishes but clean counter tops, microwaves and appliances.  I usually knit 2 dischloths per skein of win!

 All of these wonderful goodies can be found online:

LeeAnn's Heaven Scents

Yarn Goodies

Crochet/Knit Wearables

Until next time, what fun products do you enjoy using?

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