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Monday, December 3, 2012


Hello hello!  Now where have I been?  Why...still working like a little elf.  The orders keep coming in...woohoo!  I really am excited about all of them.  Creating soapy goodies and sharing them is just so awesome.  And of course candles are fun too. craft studio was starting to show major signs of couldn't find what I was looking for disorganization.  Last week I spent over three hours hunting down supplies, packaging up 3 orders and still felt like I was spinning my wheels. 

This weekend with the help of my dearest hubby..we re-arranged.  Now for some, arranging a room is fun and exciting.  For me..well I'm a creature of habit..once I re-arrange I always change it back to it's original setting..just can't get used to it.

 My craft studio has been hit with the organizing bug!

Here is my work's a little messy but I'm working (what an excuse huh?)  ..putting together orders, ordering supplies, and chatting with friends on the Ville. 
 Here's what I call my "waiting room"  haaa (doesn't that sound so professional?)  it's where I can now sit and work on crochet orders..see the scarf's all one to bother it.  :-)
 This is my favorite Packaging Station..I can now package up orders in one love it!  My dear friend Rose was going to toss this shelving unit, but I knew I would find a good home for it. 
 This is where all the magic happens.  I have my soap/candle melters and a small microwave to melt, and reheat my cuppa coffee when necessary.  I haven't arranged the cupboards holds yarn and the other soapy/candle supplies. 

 What do you think?  I also finished a BIG order.   160 Ollie's!  woohooo!  I was excited to create them and had quite a marathon going...soaping every hour for about 3 days.  I am happy to say, they were packaged and dropped off at the post office this morning.

All this work has rendered me exhausted...seriously need a nap but instead I shall crochet.  Until we chat again.  hugs!


  1. Congrats on all the orders. I need to get my storage area in order. The yarn is starting to attack.

  2. Thanks for sharing your organization strategies. Great ideas! The Ollies are adorable!

  3. thank you ladies! My yarn is beginning to show signs of attack as well. *grin* I love love love yarn..just picked some up from a dear friend. :-)