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Friday, June 13, 2014

Feeling Lucky!

Hello hello and welcome to Friday the 13th..I have always thought of today as a lucky day.  You never know what is going to happen.  I believe if we put positive energy out there we can't go wrong.

On a happy note, this last week was my birthday.  What a fun and blessed day we had. Since the days seem to fly by quicker than ever, I thought I would check in with ya all and share a little bit more about my daily life. 

On June 20 & 21 our small town is going to have an ArtWalk.  It is such a special time.  Local artists are featured in the downtown businesses.  Some give demonstrations and are available to discuss their work.  For the past few years I have always been an artist that was featured in someone else's shop/store front.  But this year, I am hosting my very own Artist!  How exciting is that? And boy did I get lucky, Evelyn, the Artist that I am featuring is WonDerFul, Superb and Oh so very talented.  She has graciously allowed me to take photos of her work to share with you all. 

I can't decide which one is my favorite, they are all so beautiful and full of color, life and energy.
 The pinks and oranges really make this photo pop, what do you think?
 I can't say enough about the painting itself..ohh laaa laaa and the red frame..why it just screams lovely!
Here is a bit of info on this talented Artist:
Sprouse Rowe Studio
Evelyn Sprouse Rowe-Artist/Owner
122 Tyndal St.
Monte Vista, CO  81144
Jewelry, Paintings and Graphic Design

Here is also a link to more info regarding Evelyn.

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