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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Christmas in July

HI Friends!  

How's it going?  I see that more and more folks are reading my blog.  Awesomeness!  It is always busy here in my neck of the woods.  

Speaking of woods, this last weekend we hauled wood.  It was my second time this year.  Boy oh boy what a work out!  We are very blessed, our wonderful neighbors and in-laws went with us.  What a site to see all of the men working on the same  you don't and probably won't ever see that.  It was amazing!  They each were working so steadily, limbing the tree and cutting it into blocks or smaller chunks.  The ladies..well we were holding our own.  We loaded up the trucks and a trailer with the logs.  It really is such hard laborious work but enjoyable at the same time.  Spending time away form all of the electronics, gadgets, telephones and the business of day to day life is exhilarating.  While we all drove home tired and so looking forward to a good rest, I couldn't help but feel happy that I am healthy and able.  Life has a way of humbling us. 
 Such beautiful country!

Well now on to the business side of things.  I have decided to host my very first Christmas in July Sale.  Very exciting!  All of my products will be 10% off, no coupon necessary.  Now you can stock up on all of your favorite Bath & Beauty Items.  This includes custom orders too!    I will also be hosting 2 Giveaways, one here in my store front and one online.  More details coming soon!


  1. Thanks for your offers and for being a friend. You are always genuinely concerned and connected with your shoppers.

  2. Thank you! I enjoy chatting with my customers and getting to know them. I like that I can do this either in person or via the internet.