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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hiya folks!  It's been a whirlwind of a year!  I would have never imagined that my life would have turned out this way.  Owning and operating my own business while having a family has been challenging and at times overwhelming but it has also been the very best thing for my soul.

This week Joyce( my landlady and good friend) and yours truly will be celebrating our Anniversaries together, 10 Years for Wild Roses and 1 Year for my lil shop.   Working together with Joyce & Dr. Wiley has been phenomenal! 

I would like to personally invite you to stop in, we would love to meet you or catch up with ya.  

My lil shop has changed so much during the last year, I have really worked on my decorating skills.  I can remember when I first opened up the shop, my display cases were very minimal.  NOW..well!  let's just say they are fully stocked.  It has been so much fun adding lights, decorating the walls and windows and adding small touches of color here and there.

Here I am cutting the Ribbon.  I remember feeling so very excited :-)

My lotion Bar Display
I started off with a few scarves....
NOW!  Shall we take a walksie...remember the Antique Hutch/Cupboard?  Well it's still here.  I absolutely LOVE it!   It was a gift from my in-laws, it just fits the vibe of my shop and what I am all about
And this sweet White Shelf, another custom built shelf, I am so very spoiled!  My father in-law Cris is seriously talented beyond belief and so giving.  Anytime I ask him for something he always says "Yes!" Not only yes, but YES! without hesitation, he is so kind and giving.  I don't think I can ever thank him enough but I sure try.  Don't you just adore the crochet lamp shade?  I wanted to yarn bomb something, one look around Wild Roses and I fell instantly in love with this lil lamp.  It took me a few days to get all of the pompoms crocheted and sewed on, but the end result was worth it.   

 Do you see what used to be the Lotion Bar Brown shelving unit?  This lil unit has underdone quite a few makeovers, I have discovered that lights really brightens up the shelf.  Right now I have pumpkin lights to go with Fall/Autumn goodies but will be switching everything to a Christmas theme.

This next cupboard is such a treasure, I had been ooohing and aaahhing over it daily until one day I decided to buy it!  It was happily sitting near the window at Wild Roses just waiting for the perfect person to come along.  It looks quite lovely holding all of this soft yummy yarn.  Score for LeeAnn!  Right next to it is my spinning yarn display..I tell you!  It is so much fun spinning yarn around!  Have you ever tried it?  If not, you simply MuSt!  Come on in, give it a whirl, the bright colors will speak to you..I promise.  :-) 

 I still have scarves-not very many here on the hall tree... no worries what I call a "Scarf Wall"  is in the will be arriving soon. 
So come on's a sneak peak at our edible goodies..the custom made cakes will be arriving later on this week..I can't wait to see them!  We have some lovely 4H gals that have been working so very hard. 
Joyce worked her "Magic" she's so good at decorating, sewing, business and being a friend.  Joyce, if I haven't told you lately, you my friend are "AWESOME!" I have learned so much from you that I can't imagine having a shop without you.  Thank you!

John, Cristopher, Celine, Cris, Miss Lucy and all of my wonderful friends and extended family,  all of you have made this last year the best!  Thank you ALL from the tip of my toes to the moon!  Without all of your love, support and ideas I would be lost.  I love you all Much Much More More!

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