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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Organizing my Craft Studio Day 2

Hello!  It has been busy and hectic here but I am getting things DONE!  Yes!  * Fist pump*  The list making is helping and I am finally crossing things off my list.  Feels so good.

Remember the Challenge to organize my Craft Studio?

These were my fragrance oils BEFORE..yikes!  I have over 135 different fragrance/essential oils..I was searching for Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil..can you imagine? Took me over 30 minutes to find out that I was OUT..I had a replacement order that was due to arrive but had I been organized, I could have saved myself tons of time.

 My work table..well it was just NOT working, I had very little elbow room.  I like to spread out when I am creating and crafting, I new this was going to have to change. 
 It took 2 nights to get the shelves installed and ALL of the fragrance oils alphabetized..yes my friends..from A to Z..they just look soo neat sitting at attention all ready to hop into product.
 All three large shelves were needed with a teeny tiny bit to grow.  Now I can hop on over and find what I am looking for in less than 30 seconds, win win!
 Look at my Work Table!  Isn't it glorious?  Totally functional too!  This last Monday, I poured and created but the best part is, my Studio still looks great!  I am training myself to put supplies away immediately after I am done. 
What do you think?  I hope that I am inspiring you to change things up a bit, it can't hurt!  Until next is almost ready for it's own TADA moment. 

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