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Monday, January 18, 2016

Soaping...and sock making

Howdy do!

I hope that you are all doing well.  Here in the studio I am slowly whipping up Valentine goodies, mainly soap.  Soaping is one of my favorite products to make.  I think I talk alot about soap but truth be told it is just so much fun and addictive too.

So what is on the agenda for today?  These Cotton Candy Conversation Hearts are a Must Make every year.  Each set consists of 5 hearts, you can break them up and gift them individually or gift the entire set.
 Of course I love the Mustache and Lip Set.  I personally am a fan of men with mustache's.  My husband John has had once sine we met over 20 years ago.  What fragrance did I use?  Why Red Hot Cinnamon Candy for the lips and 50 Shades of Grey for the Stach's.  *grin*
 Behind the scenes I have been knitting..gasp!  Yes my friends I said Knitting!  I learned last year and have really REALLY wanted to knit socks.  It has been something on my Bucket List.  After much contemplating and hemming and hawwing..I decided to just dive right in!  Thankfully I have an amazing friend Karen who has helped me along the way and a fabulous sock tutorial.  I have even joined a FB group page just for sock making.  How fun it has been!  The ladies and gentleman have knit the most amazing socks.
 Aren't these circular needles tiny?  They really did feel like I was knitting with toothpicks.  Socking did not come easy to me...I frogged an entire 75+ rows as I got lost on the "gusset" part and just couldn't figure out what I was doing.  Thankfully Karen talked me off the ledge and gave me the encouragement that I needed to keep going.  Many and I mean many hours later TADA!!!

My very FIRST sock!  Oh happy dancing! To celebrate I gave myself a pedicure, I wanted my toes to be just perfect when I tried on my  new sock..and then just for fun had to give myself a manicure too.  Ohh the delight in finally finishing.

I learned alot about myself during this one sock journey.  There were real lessons to be learned..sounds silly but I learned:

1.  Deep breaths!  For  me, I usually just do things full force.. and out
2.  Things are not always perfect the first time.  I am somewhat of a "perfectionist"..okay truth be told I am a FULL force perfectionist.  My socks are nowhere near perfect, they have a few mistakes but I am dealing with it.  *grin*
3.  Continental Knitting is a fabulous match for this left handed person.  Once I learned how to hold the yarn in my left  hand instead of throwing the yarn with my right hand..the stitches worked up much faster.
4.  Working in the round is nothing to be afraid of.  Had to watch lots of knitting videos to understand the entire process.
5.  Starting over really is not that bad..gave me more time to process what I was doing.
6.  Knitting and talking do not mesh.  I like to talk talk talk..knitting has been more of a quiet activity for me.


..I also learned that Chocolate really does help.  *grin* I had an emergency packet of M & M's and was grateful for the sweet little treat.

You too can make your own socks.  Here.  Christine has a Fabulous and I mean FabULous tutorial and even published a book.

All of my soaps can be found online here or you can stop in at 511 Main St Suite # 1 in Alamosa, CO.

Talk to you soon!

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