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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello there!

So sorry that I have been MIA.  I have been creating and working like a crazy woman!  Oh the joy of having a vision come to life.  Soaping is very addictive and has taken over.  I so enjoy it, however having a family that I must attend to takes balancing.  Some of the new items I have made include:  Lego soaps.....doesn't the idea just sound neat? My other job, teaching preschool has given me so much inspiration.  Children are delighted with blocks and building materials.  I used to have a "Loose Parts Bucket"  This bucket included tape, scissors, yarn, empty containers, paper, pencils, and boxes.  The children were free to build whatever they wanted.  The items that they created were WonDerFul!  They really paid attention to detail and worked super hard to create what they envisioned.  These soaps reminded me of them, you can build while bathing, washing hands or just because.  Here is a picture.  I wanted to build a huge tower as did the rest of my family

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