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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Summer

Hello hello and howdy!

Summer is here!!!  With that I am reminded of picnics and outdoor fun.  Here in my little neck of the woods life of course is busy.  School has ended for my children, they have been super busy enjoying their bit of relaxation and vacation.  Both of them have been reading, crafting, drawing and just relaxing.  Of course, a few chores are thrown in each day.

Great news!  I opened up a second on line shop, here is the link

I have similar items in here but new goodies too.  I started a new men's line..want to see a few pics?

Here we have my newest shaving soap and boar brush.  The soap is super neat. First you wet the bristle brush, then whirl it in the jar to create a lather, apply soap to face and shave.  VIOLA!  Smells great too!  

 The little boar brush is the cutest and would make a wonderful gift for those special men in our life.
 A smaller sized jar for those that travel. :-)
 Not a fan of shave soap?  No problem, I created Men's Shaving Cream..super fluffy and good for your skin.  I added the very best ingredients such as:

♦♦Carrot Seed Extract helps soothe skin to reduce razor burn.

♦♦Aloe Butter provides moisture to your skin.

♦♦Hemp Seed Oil quickly penetrates the skin providing lasting moisture.

♦♦Kaolin Clay provides added slip and glide to your razor.

Last but not least..Mechanic Scrub...the thought popped in my head one day as my husband came in from working on one of our vehicles.  He was washing up with the orange scented mechanic scrub..It was like a light bulb went off...I could create something similar that smelled much more masculine and worked just as well. 
Here it is. fragranced with my Jacob's Desire Fragrance Oil. It is a warm blend of mandarin and pepper with cypress, ebony wood, leather, amber and musk. Extremely masculine with a hint of sexiness. 

Now off to create 4th of July ideas are always on the horizon.  What are you working on?  What would you like to see more of?  I look forward to your response.  Until we chat again, have a SUPER Saturday!

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  1. Great photos! Your shaving soaps and your scrubs look wonderful!