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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Organizing my Craft Studio Day 1

Good morning folks!

Remember when I said that I was working on becoming MORE organized?  Well..yesterday my good friend Joyce inspired me to not only re-organize my Craft Studio/Work Space but to share pictures.  I was horrified, knowing that all of you would see my messes.  I like to keep things fairly tidy but my studio has become extremely disorganized and messy.  It is a constant hub of activity which I love but it was showing signs of neglect and disorder.

What I have decided to do is set a timer for 15 minutes and tackle, really get down to business in one area of the room.  I figured my room is about 300 square feet, with a few of the "Hot Spots" taken care of, this should make re-organizing more manageable.

This my friends is the BEFORE..picture.  Goodness!  How untidy, simply untidy.  

 15 Minutes later....TADA!  I put all of the molds away in their proper homes, I have shelving up above that houses all of my molds. I will share photo's of the nifty molds tomorrow. 
The little shelf that is sitting on top of the counter is NEW, the sensational hubby will install it this evening, this will house all of my Lip Balm Flavoring Oils.  Woot!  Woot!

I am looking at this as more of a challenge, I think I can do this and help inspire others to give the 15 minute Hot Spot Cleaning a chance.

P.s. Thank you FlyLady, she is the one that came up with the Hot Spot Cleaning, I must say she is pretty fab!

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