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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Holiday Products

Greeting my friends!

Hope that you are all doing well.  The holidays are just right around the corner!  Can you all believe that Thanksgiving is this week?  Like in 2 days???  EEEKKKK!  I am about as ready as I will be but boy was I cutting it close.

I am so excited to share my lastest creations with all of you. really is so much fun and addictive too!

These Chocholicious Cowboy Boot soaps were made for walking...walking right into your bathroom that is.  *grin*  Every gal has a pair boots that they just love, I am no exception.  I have  a favorite pair that I would wear with everything if I could...if I am being completely honest I LoVe Shoes!  Shoes shoes shoes many of you can relate?

And of course we have them in PINK!  Now what fragrance to add? Cherry anyone?  How about Cherry Mist?  This fragrance will knock your socks off!  It is a true mouth watering black cherry.  Isn't it neat how fragrances can inspire us?  

 I received this mold a few years ago and wouldn't you know..I had completely forgotten about it?  As I was pulling all of the holiday molds out of the box, I stumbled up this one..I just knew that I had to squeeze them in too.
 As I was pouring soaps, I had an idea to make Reindeer Nose Soaps.  I had to add a few Rudolph noses in each pack, do you remember watching the old holiday movies?  Rudolph is my personal favorite.

 Then it was on to the Peppermint Bark.  Traditionally the bark has a thinner layer of minty goodness but I felt like the candy canes needed to have a fulller bed to sit on.  Imagine a layer of chocolate mint followed by the sweet peppermint candy toppled with more mint? Now what's not to like?

After all of the soaping was done, I moved on to Spa Kits.  My Pamper My Tootsies Spa Kits are fantastic!  Tired achy feet?  No problem, my newest Spa Kit will have you feeling better quickly.  Sprinkle Bubbling Eucalyptus Foot Soak in hot water, sit back and relax.  After the water has cooled, re-fill foot tub then add a quarter size amount of the Cool Menthol Foot Scrub to puff, rub across feet, in between toes and across the top of the foot.  Rinse with warm water...Tada!  Your feet should feel nice and pampered.  No need to follow up with lotion as the oils will nourish dry flaky feet.  

As always all of my products can be found here.  Until next time,hugs and warmest of wishes!

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