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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good evening all!

So glad that the weekend is over and that life is back to normal...well as normal as it can get.  :-)  We had a good Easter but the cooking and cleaning that comes along with having guests is exhausting.  Finally got the house in today I had a chance to play a little, created....Fragrance Balms or Perfume Sticks as I like to think of them..oh the yummy smells...oh yes, what was I saying?  Back to the lotion.  Made Hemp Lotion using the Rainforest Fragrance on Monday but just now got around to creating labels.

Here's how my lotion making process went.  My new supply order came in Monday morning..I was itching to create.  Do any of you feel that way?  When new supplies come mind starts whirling...yuppperss....can't stop thinking of the goodies I want to/need to make.

After I had made dinner and everyone was relaxing, I's a little late but I MUST try this recipe.

First thing I did was put on my old black apron, hair net, face mask and gloves. What a lovely and I mean lovely sight I must have been.  *yea right*  Started melting and mixing.  Then I had this idea to  use the new stick mixer that I begged dh to buy for me (what a sweetie) to help mix the ingredients had I read the directions, I would have READ that the first attachment was a chopper...but directions for this gal...snapped the attachment on and went to mixing..oh  my gosh!!!!!  Lotion was flying everywhere!  I started yelling for my hubby..poor guy he came running into my craft room to see what the fuss was about...I sure gave him a start HAAAAHAAAA the look of me dressed up made him funny.  But no time to laugh, pleaded with him to get me a bigger bowl..cuz of course I wasn't thinking of the wrong attachment.  Poor guy,..he really is such as ham.  He brought me a bigger bowl..poured all of the contents from the small bowl into the most Gigantic bowl I have ever seen...and turned on my handy dandy stick mixer again...and wouldn't you know????  Lotion still flying everywhere...then my dear hubby smart guy that he is said, "honey, let me look at the directions for your stick mixer, I think you have the wrong attachment on"  now did I say how smart he is?  YEPPerrrsss...wrong attachment, I was using the chopper instead of the mixer..hmmm...once I changed attachments..purrtttyyy lotion mixed nice and neat.  Wanna see a pic?

 Now you may ask...what about my craft studio?  well...I cleaned most of it up..will take pic to share with you all tomorrow..and of the perfume balms too.  hugs n squishes!

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  1. Great post! Brought quite a mental picture and lots of smiles. Your lotion looks wonderful. Can't wait to see the craft room pictures!