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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Sunday my friends!

Can I share..Sunday is my FAVORITE day of the week!  I think I have shared that before..but I absolutely love Sundays!  Here in our house, it is a day to rest, renergize and enjoy the day.  For me, is my day to create!  Nothing I like better than closing myself up and creating, whether it be soaps, candles, lotions, or crocheting. 

In my last post I had shared  pics of my clean craft has managed to stay clean but I must I am positive that it will soon be a little scary.

Have a few pictures to share of my latest perfume balms/perfume sticks...not sure what I should call them.  Either way, they are FanTastiC!  Mmmmm...mmmmm they sure smell yummy.  My daughter scarfed one just as soon as I showed them to her.  I carry mine in my pocket, they are so handy..a little dab here and there and instant yummy goodness smell.  Here's my BIG tada!

Best of all, you can find them here  Please do come and visit my etsy shop, lots of new items are being added.  Until we chat again folks. :-)  Have a wonderful, splendid, relaxing Sunday!

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  1. What a great idea for a little dab of good smells. They look so handy to keep in a purse or pocket.