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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Soapy and Tarty goodies :-)

Top of the morning friends!

Now where have I been?  I have been holed up in my craft studio creating lovely goodies to share with you and all of my customers.  :-)  *Contented sigh*  what a pleasure it is for me to be able to walk into my craft studio and just let myself go crazy with fragrances, soapy goodies and waxes.

What exactly have I made?  Are you ready?  POWER Of Flower SOap!  ohhh laaa laaaa...I am in love with these.  They are made with lots of yummy ingredients...glycerin (to cleanse) strawberry seeds (for a mild exfoliation), Kaolin clay (to enhance circulation and remove oils from the skin), palm oil (to add moisture and a bit of slip), and last but certainly not least Fresh Strawberry Fragrance.  Oh my!  this fragrance...I could go on and on...I have seriously searched for that perfect Strawberry smell that is not too weak, not too strong..not too tart and definitely not too SWEET.  But friends, I have found it!  Yipppeee!  Where is the little Dancing Smilie?  With out further's a pic.
 What do you think?  Can someone please create smella computer?  I wish ya all could smell these.

On to another creation..for quite some time I have been contemplating making tarts..however I have the most amazing friends that have encouraged me to give them a them and my mom in mind (she uses tarts every day, non stop in her burner)  I created these..16 of them to be exact!  I tried to stop at 5..but oh no..the soy wax was pulling me in.

of course I had to create some that were not fruit smelly so here are some of those

would love to hear your feedback. Now I must hop off the clouds and get to cleaning..where oh where did my maid go?  hugs n squishes!


  1. The soaps and tarts both turned out so beautiful! What's the fragrance on the blue tarts? What's it like?

  2. Hi there Miss Jean. Thank you for the lovely compliments. I really was worried about making these but am now addicted. lol the Blue tarts are Abalone & Sea...oh my! Really lovely dupe very calming a fantastic blend of Daylily, Sea Shell Abalone, Lime, Ozonic, Sea Spray Accord, Rose, Jasmine, Freesia, Lily, Beach Daisy, Woods, Musk, Marine. Reminds me of fresh air with a nice beach smell to it. :-)