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Friday, May 18, 2012

My journey into Desert Making

Hello there my friends!  Happy Friday to all of you!  This weekend my in-laws are renewing their wedding vows.  They are doing it a bit early..but they wanted to be able to plan it the way they wanted and share it with all of us while they still can.  I am honored that they would let me do a bit of baking for their big event. onto the nitty gritty details.  First I must say, I do NOT like baking..just not my thing.  But alas..I decided to try a new recipe..Pecan Pumpkin doesn't the title just  sound delicious?  Like jaw dropping yummy!  I must confess..I love and I mean LOVe pecans. brother in law has made this desert and claims it is fantastic.  Who am I to disagree?  He is a fantastic cook! And baker and has a green thumb too!  Boy my sister is such a lucky lady.  Anyhow, started baking at 10 this morning.. See here's a pic of me all smiles 

Now where was I?  Oh yes!  I started crushing graham crackers first then moved on to the tart itself.   Here they are in the oven..I was standing nearby hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that they would rise and come out correctly..cuz..I forgot to add the butter to the before I put them in the oven..had to scoop the top layer out and mix in the butter..this was tricky because the bottom layer has chopped becans, butter and the graham crackers...oh my!

lookie!  They came out! Oh happy dance!  Really..I was jumping for while they were cooling I started the next desert..a graham cracker, cherry, vanilla pudding, cool whip kind of thing.  No exactly prize winning in appearance but I think "it will eat".

So...after the tarts had cooled, I whipped up the the recipe says to only frost the sides..guess who forgot? 
The frosting sure tastes you can see..I am a bit messy..the frosting is on the sides and dripping is in the fridge setting..please oh please taste any of you every have this worry?

Three hours later I am done!  Dishes done, trash taken out and kitchen cleaned up..whew!  What a morning.  Thank you to my dear son (he helped with dishes and trash) also sorry really didn't mean to let out a few choice words..baking is just  not  my THING.  until we meet again friends..I will keep you all posted on the tasting.

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  1. I hope the weekend went great. I enjoyed reading about your baking adventure! It all looks yummy!