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Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday

Top of the Morning friends!

How was your Mother's Day weekend?  I hope that it was filled with happiness, good company and the best of times.

I had the most amazing weekend! where to appointments...I know....I know...that is soo UNLIKE me.  But it was fantastic!  My family really is the best!  My weekend was spent crafting, soaping  and best of all chatting it up with my kiddos and hubby.  We really enjoyed each others company.  Now we are refreshed to start another busy week.

What do you say, did I create?  well..I have a few lovely soaps that I started creating on Friday and then more of them on Saturday.  Ever need a Chill Pill? you go!

These soapies have a lil story.  My hubby works in a pharmacy.these were actually his idea.  He found the molds and asked me to create them.  He was a bit specific regarding colors but so far, he likes them.  I sold a set fresh out of the mold..guess I had better get more whipped up.  They haven't made it to my etsy shop..but they will.  I have another set made up but need at least 4 more sets to call it good.

Also started on 4th Of July Soaps!  My wonderful son came up with the scents.  (thank you Cristopher) Red-Wild Strawberry White-Island Coconut and Blue-Blueberry..I have to tell ya..the overall fragrance is Delicious!  I really would love to take a bite of these soaps..oh my...sooo yummy!

oh and have a soap loaf that I need to take pics of to share..will get to that sometime this week. Off to start my daily chores.  hugs n squishes my dearest friends!


  1. Love the chill pills!!!!your husband had a great idea :)

  2. Cute, cute, cute! You got lots of soaping done this weekend! You go, Girl! Love the stars. I want a bite and I can't even smell them. Your description makes my mouth water!

  3. Those are just darling :)

  4. Thank you friends for all the lovely comments, and thank you especially for taking time out of your day to read my posts. That means so much to me. :-))