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Sunday, May 27, 2012

new ideas

hello there!  Now where have I gone to?  Well...I have had a busy two weeks.  After the Anniversary last weekend, I had a business training for 4 days!!!  Finally made it home this last Thursday, since then I have been busy crafting up a storm.  Here are a few pics of the new goodies that I have made.

 New bubble baths

                          Hello Kitty Glycerin Soaps..aren't they just the cutest?

 New Frosted Cranberry Lip Balms...ohh they smell delicious and work wonderfully!  Ripe cranberries with a hint of love love

 Decided to try my hand at Body Spritzers..can I just say?  I adore this fragrance!  Sun & Sand..reminds me of a day on the beach (not that I have ever been to the beach, but we do have the Great Sand Dunes near our house, this counts right?)  And the spritz feel so soft and delicious on your skin.

 And last but not new favorite Luscious Sugar Scrub..a delicate blend of Mango, Strawberries, Grapefruit, Freesia, Amber and Tonka Bean...soo many new little time.  Bathing has never been so much fun!

Most of my goodies have made it to my etsy shop or will tomorrow..they can be found here

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  1. These all look wonderful. The kitty soap is absolutely adorable!!